4 Best Wireless Bluetooth Earphones

4 Best Wireless Bluetooth Earphones

Listening to music while you exercise at home is simple; you just crank the volume on the Bluetooth speakers in your garage. There’s almost no need to worry about anyone else. But, listening to music at the gym doesn't work that way. No matter what kind of gym you prefer, you’ll need to invest in a pair of headphones.

Wires? On earphones? Why? With so many options for wireless earphones, there's just no reason to mess with cumbersome wires anymore. For one thing, they're a pain to exercise with. Going for a run with them will drive you crazy. The wires flop around and almost never stay put.

And what about untangling them from the mess in your console? By the time you get them undone, you have no desire to work out anymore. No? Well, maybe that's just me. Anyway...

Enter bluetooth earphones.

This was a big break in the industry, and seemed like a great idea from the get-go. The problem, though, was that a ton of sound quality was lost, and people migrated back to what they knew worked. This is the main reason a lot of people stick with their old wired sets, but...

Here's the deal:

There have been some major strides in technology in the last few years and all those peeps working behind the scenes have managed to increase the sound quality bluetooth connections provide. In fact, wired earphones and earbuds are almost obsolete among athletes. And the average Joe? Yep, he weighed in, too! So when you finally make the decision to stop battling the wires as you work, you’ll soon realize that Bluetooth earphones are the way to go. They won't get in the way of your arms and hands - and they’ll leave you free to workout to the max.

But how do we know which bluetooth earphones are the best? Just what do we look for in Bluetooth headphones that allow you to jam out at the gym?We think we've got the answer!

So what's the verdict?

Our pick for the absolute best bluetooth earphones you can buy are the Jaybird X2s. We love these babies, and so do Headphones Addict, Best Products and Reviewed. They're designed for comfort with super cushy tips that also offer maximum noise isolation. Plus they have patented ear fins that keep them from falling out, making them great for runners. 

Additionally, we love wireless in-ear headphones that provide heavy bass for all the heart-poundingly inspirational music that makes for a killer workout. They securely clip to your ear, and they’re sweat resistant; you don't have to worry about ruining them. Basically, they eradicate all your excuses for not making it to the gym!

But hey, if you're looking for something a little different, keep reading. We found a few others that are almost as awesome!