6 Best Weight Lifting Belts

6 Best Weight Lifting Belts

A weight lifting belt can be a very useful piece of gym equipment! Not only will it support your back, but it will give you something to push your core muscles against when performing a heavy lift. For those with lower back problems getting into heavy-duty resistance training, it can prevent spinal injuries—at least until you've strengthened your core muscles enough to the point that you no longer need the belt.


A good lifting belt is definitely worth its weight in gold. A custom weight lifting belt will be made to fit your back and waist, while a lever weight lifting belt has a special closure that ensures a proper fit.

There are mens and womens weight lifting belt choices, and belts designed for each type of activity: from resistance training to bodyweight training to CrossFit.

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Below, we've gathered a list of the best lifting belts for you. We've done the research and combed through hundreds of weight belts and thousands of reviews to give you a list of the best. Read on to find out the best ligting belts for every type of activity

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