8 Best Wallets for Men

8 Best Wallets for Men

Guys, if you want to impress the ladies, you need to throw out that old velcro wallet and purchase a wallet for a man. It's time to invest more effort in choosing the right wallet.

Whether you are looking for minimalist men's wallets or need a travel wallet to carry all your essentials, we promise our list contains the best wallets for men you can buy.

This is Crazy:

There has been a big uproar in the past about RFID skimming scammers that can steal your credit card info wirelessly. We're going to give it to you straight. More times than not an RFID blocking wallet is not necessary.

At Faveable we strongly believe that using scare tactics to make a quick buck is just messed up. So you won't catch us harping on how everyone needs an RFID blocking wallet. Our goal was to provide you with the best mens wallet for the type of wallet you prefer.

Here's the Deal:

So many credit cards don't even use RFID primarily, but if you do own an RFID card (find out here) we've got you covered too. Just in case you're looking for the extra peace of mind. 

Our team spent lots of hours doing product research, sifting through thousands of reviews and testing. The end result? We cut through all the BS to create this all-inclusive list, just for you.