20 Best Valentines Day Gift Ideas for Your Husband

20 Best Valentines Day Gift Ideas for Your Husband

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Ahh, Valentine's Day: the holiday that began in Ancient Rome, became popular in the 1400s, and to this day has men and women alike scratching their heads thinking, "What the heck do I get my significant other?" The uber-romantic holiday can be a potential minefield for new couples, but thankfully, you and your husband have many years of happy (and a few less-than happy) Valentine's Days behind you.

That doesn't make it easier!

Most of us struggle to think of what to do for our partners on this holiday. Should we give him something fancy, something fun, or something useful? What about an experience gift, or just some mind-blowing sex? Why does it have to be so darned hard?

We've got the answer…

Or, more accurately, 20 of them. We've collected 20 awesome valentines gifts for that husband you love so much. The gifts range from fun to handy to downright epic, so you've got a wide range to choose from depending on the type of man you've married. At the very least, our list below will give you ideas of what you can get him this Valentine's Day.