20 Best Valentines Gifts for Guys

20 Best Valentines Gifts for Guys

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Whether he's your boyfriend or husband, finding the perfect Valentine's gift for that special man in your life can seem nearly impossible. And with Valentine's Day right around the corner, time is running out. We have all felt the struggle; let's be real, there is no one-gift-fits-all for every guy out there. The good news is, your search ends here. 

You might be wondering:

How much should you spend on a Valentine's gift? Well, according to the National Retail Federation, only about 55% of Americans celebrate Valentine’s Day, but those who do will shell out an average of $146.84. That may seem like a lot, but your sweetheart is totally worth it. Not to mention, you can find some pretty awesome gifts in that price range. We’ve covered everything from the sweet and sentimental to totally useful – 20 gifts that men of all ages are sure to love.

We did the research and picked the very best gifts for him so you don’t have to (and each one of them can be purchased online). We even went a step further to categorize them based on his interests. Happy shopping!