20 Best Valentines Day Gift Ideas for Her

20 Best Valentines Day Gift Ideas for Her

You may not believe just how much the average American spends on Valentines gifts for her. 

Though the National Retail Association estimates that only 55% of people celebrate this holiday, those that do each spent an average of $147 last year

What will you spend it on?

That may seem like a lot for flowers, chocolates, or wine. But, you’re hardly limited to those options. Indeed, we’re certain you’ll want to look at this list when shopping for Valentine’s Day gifts for her. We’ve covered everything from the sentimental to totally useful – and craveworthy – gifts that women of all ages will appreciate.

Beyond the Gift:

And, if you’re like 85% of those that celebrate Valentine’s Day, you believe that sex is a super important way to celebrate the occasion. The gift is just foreplay really – so don’t feel obliged to spend huge amounts if it’s out of your budget!

Now, on to our list of the best Valentine's day ideas for her. 

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