19 Best Valentines Day Gift Ideas for Your Girlfriend

19 Best Valentines Day Gift Ideas for Your Girlfriend

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Valentine’s Day is rapidly approaching, and you know what that means, right? It means it’s time to buy your girlfriend a thoughtful gift. After all, she does put up with you on a regular basis and deserves to be rewarded.

But what does she want?!

Well, let’s start with what she doesn’t want. We don’t want to lump every girlfriend into the same category, but it’s safe to say that these items probably aren’t on your sweetie’s V-Day wish list:

  • A single rose in a plastic tube that you picked up from the gas station
  • A teddy bear
  • A gift card to a fast food restaurant
  • Cleaning supplies
  • The same box of drugstore chocolate you gave Grandma for her birthday

Basically, your girlfriend doesn’t want a generic gift that a bunch of other women are going to receive on February 14th. She wants to feel special when she opens the awesome gift you got her, even if you spent well below the $150 or so that the average gift giver shells out for Valentine's Day. Money doesn’t matter - the thought you put into the gift does.

No pressure, huh? Look, we don’t want you to spend time worrying about finding the perfect gift. That’s why we’ve compiled 20 of the best Valentine’s Day gifts for a girlfriend below. Take a look - you’re sure to find at least one thing she loves on this list, whether you’re shopping for someone you’ve been casually dating a few weeks or buying a present for your long-term significant other.