10 Best Women's Underwear & Panties

10 Best Women's Underwear & Panties


After 18 hours of research evaluating 145 products, we picked Calvin Klein Women's 3 Pack Carousel Bikini Panty as our top choice.

Ladies, let's face it. While lingerie is great for those intimate moments in your life, let’s talk practicality. We'll also walk you through why buying from a list of the best underwear for women is important.

Lingerie really can’t compete with underwear. Why? Because lingerie serves one sole purpose: to be sexy. The best women’s underwear, on the other hand, needs to meet a number of your needs.

Let us explain:

When it comes to underwear for women, you not only need something that will look nice, but also something that will perform well under certain conditions. A day at the office. A weekend hike. A lazy day on the couch.

Whatever the case, your underwear should feel good and not distract from whatever it is you're doing.


How do you find that perfect pair that will work for all occasions? There are very clear leaders when it comes to women’s underwear brands—each has their own specialty and style. That's why we created this list of the best.

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