11 Best Men's Underwear On The Planet

11 Best Men's Underwear On The Planet

After 63 hours of research evaluating 94 products, we picked Calvin Klein Men's Modal Boxer Briefs as our top choice.

Although your underwear is hidden most of the time (well, unless you’re David Beckham), that doesn’t negate the role undergarments play in keeping you comfortable as you go about your day. 

We also can't forget how important it is to look your best when you and your lady strip down to your skivvies. So you want sexy men's underwear that both look good and get the job done. 

You want the best mens underwear on the planet.

What are the qualities that make the best underwear for men from the Faveable expert perspective? To put it simply, comfort, fit, support and style.

And, no joke, we've tested more underwear for men than any review website on the web.

And what about the classic debate over boxers versus briefs? Mark Sisson from Mark's Daily Apple explores the pros and cons and offers a general guideline. So our list of the best mens underwear not only includes the best boxers, but the best boxer briefs and the most comfortable mens underwear on the planet.

Sure, everyone knows about the classic men's underwear brands, like Hanes and Fruit of the Loom. But if you've never upgraded to more quality, it might be time to take a look at the best mens underwear out there.

What's the bottom line?

In order to make your search for the perfect underwear easier, we at Faveable have spent hours upon hours researching and testing underwear brands to come up with a list of the best men's underwear ever.

If you're ready to expand your underwear wardrobe, check out our list of highly rated and five-star reviewed best underwear for men.

And make sure to keep your smell as sexy as your underwear with the best mens cologne for your body type.