7 Best Undershirts for Men

7 Best Undershirts for Men

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After 11 hours of research evaluating 125 products, we picked Emporio Armani Men's Crew-Neck Lift T-Shirt as our top choice.

Whether you're a gym nut or the sleek and suave type, there are certain "must have" items for your wardrobe: a stylish watch, a great pair of shoes, and the right undershirt.

Undershirts may not be seen, but they're no less important than your regular gym or work shirt. An undershirt can improve your appearance, reduce sweat stains on your nice shirts, and keep you cool and comfortable.

The right undershirt is worth its weight in gold!

So what is "the right undershirt"? How can you know what shirt goes best under your sports coat and collar shirt or gym clothes?

That's where we come in…

We've done the research to bring you the best undershirts for men. These shirts are ideal for every situation: training, lounging, working, hanging out with friends, even partying. Our research has led us to the best undershirts for your needs. From uber-comfortable to highly practical, we've found what you need.


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Quick Look: 7 Best Undershirts for Men
Fruit of the Loom Men's 6-Pack

• Cheap and practical undershirts you can find at any department store

• A shirt for every day of the week

• Comfortable, simple, and versatile


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Hanes Men's Classics 6 Pack

• Thick, sturdy cotton that can take a beating

• Available everywhere and at a great price

• The work-horse of undershirts


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Alternative Apparel Boss V-Neck

• The most comfortable undershirt EVER—soft and supple material

• Slim fit without being too snug or restrictive

• Stylish, lightweight, and easily hidden


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Esteem Apparel Compression Shirt

• Improves appearance of "man boobs"; perks up chest muscles

• A practical solution to looking better in any shirt

• Lightweight, form-fitting without being too tight, and slimming


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Thompson Tee Sweat Proof Undershirt

• Prevent sweat through collar shirts

• Incredibly soft, lightweight, and comfortable

• Stylish and sleek; good fit for most body types


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Uniqlo Airism V-Neck Shirt

• Micro-yarn fabric is incredibly comfortable; moisture-wicking

• Breathable, lightweight, and soft

• Anti-microbial and deodorizing fabric; keeps you smelling clean and fresh


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Emporio Armani Men's Crew-Neck Lift T-Shirt

• The perfect compliment for a dress shirt or sweater

• Soft, comfortable, good fit, and lightweight

• Ideal for light sweating activities


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