Why people love it
  • Fits in your pocket or toiletry kit; the perfect travel-size
  • Excellent quality for the low price
  • Delivers close shave

According to reviews, takes longer to shave


Performance: This is the perfect travel-sized electric shaver for those men with thicker stubble. With slow, controlled movements, it delivers a very close dry shave. It's perfect for shaving in the car, plane, or airport bathroom. The self-sharpening design of the shaver ensures you get a close shave every time. It slices through coarse hair and whiskers with ease, though it takes a few passes to get the job done.

Operation: The electronic razor runs on AA batteries, so there's no need to bring a charging cord or adapter. Simply pack a spare set of batteries, and you'll never run out of juice. The batteries last for 6 to 8 weeks (50+ shaves). Even when the battery power runs low, there is no pulling or tugging.

Features: This electronic shaver is very easy to clean--simply tap it on the sink, blow into the head and razor, or trigger the button to release the heads. The safety lock stops it from turning on in your travel kit or suitcase. With dual floating heads, it follows the contours of your face and neck with ease.

Price: At $14.95, this is the cheapest razor on our shortlist! Despite the low price, it still offers reliable service and durability. It even comes with a pair of long-lasting Phillips batteries to get you started shaving right out of the box.


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