7 Best Travel Pillows for Your Next Airplane Trip

7 Best Travel Pillows for Your Next Airplane Trip


After 17 hours of research evaluating 30 products, we picked J-pillow Travel Pillow as our top choice.

Americans fly a lot! Last year, 713 million passengers boarded planes in the United States. And if you're among those numbers, you’ve probably considered a travel neck pillow at some point.

If you’re flying coast to coast, or take even just one international flight per year, you should at least consider an airplane pillow. The more often you travel – and the longer those flights are – the more likely you need one. 

But, you don’t want any old pillow!

We get it! There are a lot of cool options available on the market – and they’re not more expensive than the old U-shaped pillow gathering dust in the closet. Indeed, if you waited until you were at the airport to buy a travel neck pillow – you probably paid more.

These pillows will change your life… well, how you sleep on planes at least.

You wouldn’t expect airplane pillows to be as wildly useful as they are – and we have found the absolute best travel pillows on the market now.

(Incidentally, we’ve also found the best gadgets for international travelers if you’re planning a big trip anytime soon.)

Now, on to the list! We guarantee we've got something for everyone.

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