Gaiam No-Slip Yoga & Pilates Towel Travel Mat For Men

Best Low-Priced Travel Yoga & Pilates Mat For Men

Why people love it
  • Can be folded and stored in suitcase or backpack for travel
  • Provide solid traction for on-the-go practice
  • Durable and long-lasting

Too thin to practice on hard floors



These thin mat-like towels are the perfect option for those who want to practice while traveling. The natural rubber-backed products are ideal for use on hotel carpets. They will stick to the floor and provide you a slip- and moisture-resistant surface for your practice during travel. On the downside, they're just 1/16" thick, so you have to use them on a softer (carpeted) floor, or on top of a couple of towels.


These are lightweight yet surprisingly durable. It's easily rolled or folded to fit into your suitcase, and it provides a very convenient option to use on the go when traveling. It offers a solid surface with excellent grip and stickiness, with a good texture that will keep your hands and feet from sliding around even when wet.


At $22, it's a cheap alternative to pricier Yogi towels. It's not going to replace your primary piece of equipment, but it's a good one to have handy if you do a lot of traveling.

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