13 Best Travel Gifts for Men & Women

13 Best Travel Gifts for Men & Women

According to the US Department of Transportation, 713 million passengers boarded flights in the 12 months between September 2015 and August 2016.

Clearly people are traveling a lot - for work and for play. 

How to shop for the man on the move.

Shopping for a man that’s always on the go?  You’re in luck when it comes to giving him gifts. Everyone wants their travels to be as comfortable as their home, so shopping for holiday gifts for the travellers in your world is as easy as can be. Look for comfort and convenience. And, obviously, the smaller - the better.

And, here’s the thing about gear that travels frequently – unless you buy quality, it wears out quickly. So, always opt for the high-end brands when you can afford it. If you happen to spot luggage looking a little rough, it’s only got a few more flights in it, so top it up for your man as soon as you can.  

The Faveable team is filled with travellers. We go across the country and across the world all the time. So, if you’re looking for gift for travellers, then you can rest easy. We’ve got you covered.