7 Best Translucent Powders

7 Best Translucent Powders


After 11 hours of research evaluating 74 products, we picked Translucent Loose Setting Powder by Laura Mercier as our top choice.

Wondering how people get that flawless, airbrushed look in real life?

I'll tell you:

The secret is a good skincare routine — and the best translucent powder.

A good translucent powder helps prevent oxidation on your skin, which is when your makeup mixes with the oils on your face and becomes darker, textured, or patchy. It sets your liquid makeup for long-lasting coverage and a perfect, silky texture.

For a product that's invisible, a lot could go wrong. You need to avoid cringe-worthy flashback in photos while keeping a fresh and shine-free face. 

So how do we do that?

There are a lot of setting powders out there that don’t make the cut, but luckily, there are a few out there that are pure magic.

Finding the perfect makeup for your skin type can be an expensive and frustrating experience. To save you some money and sanity, we took on the Internet to come up with the best of the best translucent powders.

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