7 Best Tommy John Underwear

7 Best Tommy John Underwear


After 12 hours of research evaluating 65 products, we picked Second Skin Boxer Brief as our top choice.

Finding the right underwear brand can be tough! Not only do you have to worry about size and fit, but you’ve also got to think fabric, comfort, ventilation, easy access, and durability.

Why Tommy John Underwear?

One brand that has made a splash in the underwear market is Tommy John. Since 2008, the San Diego-based premium brand has produced consistently high quality products for both men and women.

Here's why:

It has essentially "reinvented" underwear, using innovative fabrics, movement-friendly designs, and unique takes on classic styles to make new and improved underwear that never bunch, sag, or twist.

Want to know the best part?

We've tested hundreds of underwear brands and Tommy John Underwear consistently at or near the top of every list. In short, Tommy John underwear products are both amazingly comfortable while being stylish and sexy, we simply love wearing them.

Below, we’ve reviewed the top Tommy John underwear—our favorites and those that reviewers agree are ones worth wearing. Whatever type of underwear you’re looking for, our list will give you a Tommy John option to try.

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