6 Best Sunglasses for Men

6 Best Sunglasses for Men

You're a smart guy. Smart guys know that you don't mess around with UV rays, especially when it comes to your vision. So you need to protect yourself from sun damage.

Cataracts, macular degeneration, corneal sunburn, and skin cancer around the eyelids are just a handful of problems you can expect when your eyes get too much UV exposure. And there is just no reason for you to go blind when protection is so readily available.

The bottom line: 

If you are outside during the day you need a good pair of sunglasses if you want to protect yourself from UV damage. 

This is crazy:

Sunglasses aren't just for sunny days either. UV protection is equally as important on cloudy days when UV rays have a straight path to your eyes. And sitting near a sunny window or in a car on an afternoon commute to work doesn't filter out all of the harmful UV rays that can cause eye damage. 

For that reason, it's incredibly important to choose the right sunglasses, which can be a lot of work. Lucky for you, we at Faveable have done the work for you. We spent hours researching, reading, reviews, and talking to guys like you to find the best sunglasses out there. 

Here's a list of criteria we used to weigh in what makes the best sunglasses:

  • Lenses: There are a lot of glasses out there with lenses that are nothing more than tinted plastic, which providee no real UV protection. You want 100% UV ray protection in your lenses. The FDA also requires lenses to be impact resistant. There are a lot of different styles of lenses to choose from that meet these standards and we'll break down what each lens has to offer.
  • Frames: There is a frame style for every taste, and some frames will give you added protection from prereferral UV rays. 
  • Design: We sorted through hundreds of different sunglasses to find something for everyone. If you like classic styles, designer shades, or have the confidence to rock some bold, vintage-inspired glasses you will find something here you'll love. 
  • Durability: It is so frustrating when you go to put on your shades on a bright day only to find out that your hinges are broken. Or how about when you drop them, leaving the lenses with annoying scratches. Some sunglasses hold up better than others, and we will let you know exactly how well each pair stands the test of time. 

Our number one pick: Oakley GasCans are top of the line. They are a favorite of The Outdoor Nerd and our favorite too! But if those aren't quite your style, keep reading. We guarantee our list has something for everyone!