7 Best Stretch Mark Cream

7 Best Stretch Mark Cream


After 23 hours of research evaluating 72 products, we picked Burt's Bees Mama Bee Belly Butter as our top choice.

Want to know how to get rid of stretch marks?

If you’ve got them, you didn’t stumble on this article by accident. Though typically associated with pregnancy, stretch marks can develop whenever the body grows quickly under the skin. Body builders get them as do rapidly growing teens.

The best possible way to prevent stretch marks is to keep the skin supple and flexible during periods of growth. But, you should also know that the development of stretch marks can be genetic.

And, if you’ve got them, you have a few options when it comes to procedures to get rid of stretch marks. For a start, some of the best stretch mark creams do a decent job of minimizing the appearance of these lines (just as eye wrinkle creams minimize creases without erasing them). They can only do so much, however.

Enjoy your pregnancy (or body building) while applying these creams, lotions, and oils throughout in order to save your self a bit (okay, a lot) of moola in the long run!

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