5 Best Straight Razors

5 Best Straight Razors

Two blades, three blades, five blades on a razor? Who else thinks this is getting out of hand? It seems like razors are getting more, and more blades these days, but are shaves really getting any closer? Razor burn isn't getting any better either and you are wasting so much money each year on disposable razors, replacement blades, shaving cream, shaving gel, replacement handles, and moisture strips. All are simply gimmicks, gadgets, and unnecessary gizmos designed to create repeat customers. 

This is crazy:

Big companies want to make you believe their next big, razor “technology” will solve all of your shaving discomforts, and give you a shave so close a baby’s backside will be jealous, but did you ever stop to think maybe, just maybe, they only want your money? Do any of those razors make a real difference?

Maybe they do, maybe they don’t, but here’s the kicker: Using the same blades every day, will any of those fancy razors last your whole life? No way. The truth is there is a solution to all of your shaving problems, and it doesn't involve drug store brand shaving fads.

Let me explain:

Long before the razors we have today, your great grandfather used a solid metal straight razor to get the cleanest, smoothest, most comfortable shave ever. And if you’re lucky to have one of these razors passed down to you, with a little help from a quality strop, grandpa's razor will still give you the same close shave today as it did for him decades ago.

But not all straight razors are created equal, and if you buy the wrong one you will be disappointed. On top of that, your blade will not hold up for nearly as long as you want it to.


To help in your search for the perfect straight razor, we at Faveable spent countless hours going over thousands of product reviews, researching each top-of-the-line brand, and sorting through all of the opinions to bring you the best of the best when it comes to straight razors.

Our number one pick is everything you want in a straight razor. Classic style and design, with a cut-throat edge that will give you the closest shave of your life. Keep in mind, most of these razors say they are shave ready, but factory shave ready and true shave ready are two different things. So do yourself a favor and find yourself a quality strop (here is our top pick).