5 Best Stemless Wine Glasses

5 Best Stemless Wine Glasses

After 21 hours of research evaluating 40 products, we picked Royal Stemless Wine Glass as our top choice.

Stemless wine glasses have a bit of bad rap. Purists like to believe that the stem is one of the few controls in place to keep wine at its proper temperature. But unless you’ve invested heavily in a serious wine collection, you probably don’t need to worry too much about your hands warming the wine glass past its peak.

If you can’t get over the design of stemless wine glasses, then move along swiftly.

But, as the folks at VinePair point out... the wine is what matters, not the glass. And, with stemless, you can actually get away with a glass that works for both red and white wine.

That’s not to say that there isn’t a difference between stemmed and stemless wine glasses, there certainly is. But you don’t need to have fancy glasses for every occasion; many people do just fine with basic tumblers.

Crystal stems just don’t do that well when you’re tailgating (and would you really bring your best bottles to party in the parking lot?). Incidentally, that’s one of the best times to reach for a shatterproof glass. Sturdy as they are, even stemless glasses will break. Don’t shrug your shoulders; the majority of interest in GoVino non-glasses is a Napa vintner.

More than that, stemless wine glasses fit easily in the dishwasher and are easier to store than they’re stemmed counterparts. (Though always check care instructions before placing a stemless glass in the dishwasher.)

Plus, they make awesome gifts (especially our splurge pick). Why not pick up a set along with one of these wine-lover gifts before heading over to a housewarming party or weekend away with friends?