Chef’s Star Stemless Wine Glasses

Best Stemless Wine Glass for Everyday Use

Why people love it
  • Wonderful quality
  • Awesome price
  • Comfortable and stylish wine glasses

If you’ve been looking for the perfect all-around stemless wine glass, you’ve found it. These do a great job for everyday use. These glasses are affordably priced and are comfortable to hold – especially for stemless glasses. They’re also an Amazon best-seller with a strong rating.

They’re a little on the heavy side for stemless glasses and there aren’t options on sizes or shapes.


The price is right and these stemless wine glasses do well in the dishwasher. They’re not so big that you need to put them in a special spot on the top rack. And, yet, they’ve got a decent weight which makes them feel like the substantial glasses that they are. The broad base is just right for enjoying both red and white wines.

Despite their status as best sellers (in the wine glass category) on Amazon, we don’t love the shatter-resistant advertising. They’re made of glass and they will shatter as any other untreated glass will. They can get away with it because they’re less likely to shatter than stemmed glasses. And, while we would love to see different shapes and sizes for red and white, it doesn’t seem to matter much for everyday dinners.

Red or white? These are in the one-size-and-shape-fits-all category. You can use them for red or white and they do a fair job with both. Though, they’re not really meant for your best wines of either color.

What are they made of? High-quality PBA-free glass

How big are they? Each glass holds 15 ounces of wine which is about the average.

Dishwasher-safe? Yes

Any options? There aren’t any real options on sizes or quantities, but we also don’t see the need for several options; these are great all-around glasses.

How much for a set? You’ll pay about $15 for a set.

And that’s how many glasses? 6

So, the cost per glass is? Roughly $2.50. That’s really not bad for the quality you receive.

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