7 Best Steak Knives

7 Best Steak Knives

After 12 hours of research evaluating 68 products, we picked Messermeister Avanta 4-Piece Fine Edge Steak Knife Set as our top choice.

We know there are a lot of people who enjoy the cooking process. Heck, we here at Faveable can totally appreciate that...as long as the process isn't too time consuming. (Thankfully, there are plenty of kitchen gadgets to help speed things along.)

When it comes to the second half of that equation (the whole enjoying your food part), what matters most to you? Is it having someone else prepare your food? Is it easy access to salt and pepper so you can season the way you like? Or maybe the setting is what puts your stomach in the right mood?

If you haven’t given any thought to how cutlery affects your meals, it’s time to listen up.

Here’s the deal:

While conducting our hunger-inducing research on the best steak knives, we weren’t sure what we were going to find. We're talking about cutlery. So long as we have something to shove steak into our mouths with, does it matter what we use to cut it?

Well, after extensive research and a not-so-quick trip to the grocery store for filet mignon, we can tell you that yes, it absolutely does matter.

We’ll tell you why:

1)    You should always be using well-constructed knives whether you’re working in the kitchen or eating food. They not only save you time, but they’re also safer to use.

2)    Stainless steel steak knives are the best. We actually started using them in the U.S. because they require less upkeep.

3)    Higher quality knives saw through meat like butter. Less frustration. Less mess. Less accidents.

4)    Some people even argue that the shredding of meat with a dull steak knife compromises the flavor.

Grilling season will be here soon.

At the end of the day, a super cheap set of steak knives may not be the end of the world, but they’re not going to do you any favors either. Plus, our #1 pick is less than $60. Not bad, right? Just think about steak knives like you would any other home investment.

If you want to enjoy your food and, more importantly, if you want others to enjoy your food, then you should invest in the very best steak knives.