Elizabeth and James Nirvana Black Dry Shampoo For Women

Best Splurge Waterless Shampoo For Women

Why people love it
  • Gives great volume

  • Smells exactly like the perfume

  • Doesn't disappoint 

The smell is unbeatable and gives great next-day volume. 

It will cost you close to an arm and a leg - but, users rave that it's worth every penny!


Created by Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, this addictive blend of violent, sandalwood, and vanilla will leave hair feeling fresh and volumized all day long. Additionally, the aerosol spray can is sleek and black - probably one of the all-time classiest hair products we've ever seen. 

Aside from the long-lasting scent, it is fortified with style-extending proteins, rose root extract for antioxidant protection, and pro-vitamin B to strengthen and nourish hair. This dry shampoo leaves a slight powdery white dust at first, but letting it sit and brushing through it will eliminate residue entirely. 

Oil apsorption

The multitasking water-free micro powder is enriched with natural rice starch to absorb oils instantly while adding body and texture to all hair types, leaving hair feeling fresh and clean without any residue. We loved how we could run our fingers through our hair and not feel any traces of the product. 


This waterless product is known more for its scent and oil absorption rather than its boosting capabilities. Although we do wish it provided more volume, it gives hair great texture. 


Mary-Kate and Ashley (who named the Elizabeth and James line after their other two siblings) designed this product to smell just like their super addictive fragrance line, Nirvana Black. It's genius, really. If you haven't had the chance to smell it, well we'll descirbe it for you: a sensual blend of alluring violet, seductive sandalwood, and rich vanilla. Are you in love yet?


Even though the price is rather high, we think this product is worth it because it works and leaves your hair smelling amazing. You're basically buying a dry shampoo and perfume for the price of one. 

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