8 Best Smart Wifi Garage Door Openers

8 Best Smart Wifi Garage Door Openers

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Doesn't smart technology just make life so much easier?

Imagine being able to control every aspect of your life from your smartphone. You wake up in the morning and turn on the coffee pot from your bedroom, activate your sound system just before stepping into the shower, and lock your house behind you as you head out to work--all using your iPhone or Android phone. You open and close your garage door, activate the security system, and remotely monitor your home throughout the day. Isn't technology awesome?

A smart garage door opener is definitely a worthy investment for those who want to turn their house into a "smart home". Simply connect your WiFi garage door opener to your home wireless network, and you can immediately control it via the garage door opener app of your choice. No more waiting for your clicker to get within range--you can simply access it through your smartphone as you're coming up the driveway.

Not sure where to start? We've done the work for you by finding the best wireless and Bluetooth openers available. We combed through hundreds of products and read thousands of reviews to find the best product for you. We compared pros and cons, specifications, reliability, durability, convenience, functionality, compatibility, and many other metrics to determine which one was the best. Our research led us to the Chamberlain WD962KEV Whisper Drive, a whisper-quiet belt drive system compatible with the popular MyQ smart openers. It's everything you need.

Check out our list of the best garage door openers for you: