7 Best Wifi Door Locks

7 Best Wifi Door Locks


After 33 hours of research evaluating 50 products, we picked August Smart Lock Pro + Connect as our top choice.

Don't you hate it when you get home after a long day of work and discover that you've misplaced your house key?

The truth is:

Keys have a nasty habit of getting lost, and always at the worst time. Case and point: locksmithing is a $2 billion-per year industry. That's a lot of people getting locked out of their homes and cars.

Thankfully, the wifi door lock was invented! With a wifi lock, you can open your door using your fingerprint or smartphone. The best smart lock options are as secure as any regular lock, but impossible to pick.

Here's the best part:

We've closely studied every wireless door lock on the market and thoughtfully tested most of them. And frankly, we love using our phones or mere presence (via an app) to completely eliminate keys altogether.  Some of these wifi door locks even allow you to grant timed or permanent access to guests from your phone.

So, stop fumbling through your pockets for your keys, just use your smartphone and a wifi door lock for simple keyless entry.

Here is our list of the best wifi door locks currently available.

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