7 Best Sleeping Bags for a Comfy Camping Experience

7 Best Sleeping Bags for a Comfy Camping Experience

Camping is one of the top recreational activities in the US, according to Statista. In fact, KOA says over 28 million Americans decided to rough it last year.

Here's the deal:

With at least 1 million of last year's campers being newbies, our guess is that they're still using the old  sleeping bags their moms bought them in high school. Sound familiar?

Those sleeping bags probably worked fine for backyard sleepovers, but now you're out in the elements, braving the cold mountain air and sleeping on the ground.

But hey, a sleeping bag's a sleeping bag, right? Wrong!

Let me explain:

Depending on exactly what you do during your camping trips, there are different options for every camper. For example, if hiking is your bag (pun intended), you'll want to invest in a sleeping bag that's not only warm, but lightweight as well. 

On the other hand, if you bring the little ones along, not just any sleeping bag will do for them either. There are kids sleeping bags designed especially to keep their little bodies warm and toasty, too. 

But if you'd still like to check out some others, read our list below of the best sleeping bags!



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7 Best Sleeping Bags for a Comfy Camping Experience

  • 7. Ohuhu Double Sleeping Bag
  • 6. REI Igneo Sleeping Bag
  • 5. Kelty Big Dipper Sleeping Bag
  • 4. Coleman North Rim Sleeping Bag
  • 3. Teton Sports Celsius XXL Sleeping Bag
  • 2. Tennier Industries US Military Sleeping Bag
  • 1. Kelty Tuck 22-Degree Sleeping Bag

Best Double Sleeping Bag


Ohuhu Double Sleeping Bag

Best Double Sleeping Bag: Ohuhu Double Sleeping Bag
177 Bought
88 % Editor Score
80 % User Score

Why People Love it

  • Great for snuggling
  • Huge and soft
  • Perfect for plus size people

The Ohuhu Double Sleeping Bag withstands temperatures to 32° and is water resistant. It's also lightweight.

The pillows that come with it are small and uncomfortable. 

Temperature Rating: This sleeping bag will keep you and your significant other toasty to 32°. Or if you're super-snuggly, maybe a little warmer!

Price: Very reasonably priced at right around $50, it packs a lot of value into a little price tag.

Comfort: This bag is stuffed with fluffy cotton filling making it light and fluffy.


Best Down Sleeping Bag


REI Igneo Sleeping Bag

Best Down Sleeping Bag: REI Igneo Sleeping Bag
160 Bought
76 % Editor Score
82 % User Score

Why People Love it

  • Super light weight
  • Keeps dew and rain out
  • Like sleeping in a fluffy cocoon

REI is known for it's high quality outdoor products, so it's no wonder they hit the mark with this cozy down bag. It also weighs less than 2 lbs and is super compressible, so it's perfect for backpacking.

The folks over at Swithback Travel love this bag, but say it's a little snug for tall people.

Temperature Rating: This warm down sleeping bag stays warm down to 19º.

Price: Even though this one's the most expensive bag on the list, it's on the lower end of the quality down sleeping bags. Slightly less down fill makes it possible for REI to reduce it's cost.

Comfort: What's more comfy than sleeping on a cloud of fluffy soft duck down? Need we say more?

Best Kids Sleeping Bag


Kelty Big Dipper Sleeping Bag

Best Kids Sleeping Bag: Kelty Big Dipper Sleeping Bag
146 Bought
98 % Editor Score
85 % User Score

Why People Love it

  • Adult-quality bag in a cute kid-friendly design
  • It grows with them
  • Fantastic price for good quality

Like Tales from a Mountain Mama says, "A smaller sleeping bag means less space that a child’s body has to heat up to keep them warm." That's why the Kelty Big Dipper gets props for designing a bag small enough for the littles, but adjustable by a few inches so that they won't outgrow it quickly.

If you want a compression stuff sack, you will have to buy it separately.

Temperature Rating: This snuggly little bag wraps your kiddo in a warm little cloud, keeping him toasty all the way down to 30°.

Price: At under $100, the Kelty Big Dipper is priced right for the quality.

Comfort: This sleeping bag is designed with super plump cloud loft insulation and a mummy-style shape so they'll feel like they're in a fluffy cocoon.


Best Sleeping Bag for Comfort


Coleman North Rim Sleeping Bag

Best Sleeping Bag for Comfort: Coleman North Rim Sleeping Bag
174 Bought
88 % Editor Score
88 % User Score

Why People Love it

  • Awesome bag for the price!
  • Great bag for car camping
  • Super comfy

Double batting and offset quilting make this one of the most comfortable sleeping bags you'll find. It also has a box shape at the bottom, so there's more wiggle room than other mummy bags.

It's a little too bulky for backpacking.

Temperature Rating: Withstands cold to 15° F with Coleman's Coletherm insulation.

Price: This is where this bag really shines. It's under $50 and most reviewers love the quality for the cost.

Comfort: Double stuffed and tightly quilted, this bag is made for comfort. 


Best Sleeping Bag for Big and Tall


Teton Sports Celsius XXL Sleeping Bag

Best Sleeping Bag for Big and Tall: Teton Sports Celsius XXL Sleeping Bag
173 Bought
90 % Editor Score
91 % User Score

Why People Love it

  • Nice and roomy, even for big guys
  • So warm, people report sweating in under 30° weather
  • Quality made

Even the big and tall can roll around and stay warm in this bag all the way down to 0° F. It's also super lofty and comfortable. 

It's a bulky bag and difficult to stuff back in its sack.

Temperature Rating: The Teton Sports Celsius XXL withstands temperatures to 0°, and also has an adjustable zipper to control heat.

Price: At around $50, this quality bag won't break the bank.

Comfort: This is the absolute best bag we found for big and tall folks. You'll still be able to move around confortably on it's cotton stuffed loft.


Best Extreme Weather Sleeping Bag


Tennier Industries US Military Sleeping Bag

Best Extreme Weather Sleeping Bag: Tennier Industries US Military Sleeping Bag
188 Bought
92 % Editor Score
94 % User Score

Why People Love it

  • Genuine military quality
  • Best year-round sleep system
  • Love the versatility


These genuine US Army bags are made super durable and waterproof. They're also designed to ward off frostbite by sustaining body heat in conditions down to -30° F.

Weighing in at 11 lbs, this probably won't be the bag you'll want to carry on long treks through the mountains.

Temperature Rating: This baby will sustain you through frostbite conditions. It's made to withstand temperatures down to -30º, but with military clothing, it's said to withstand -50º!

Price: Not gonna lie, this one's pretty pricey for the average camper, but if you need to rough it in a blizzard, you won't mind dropping the cash to keep your toes.

Comfort: Because it is so heavily insulated, it has a lofty feel.

Best Overall Sleeping Bag


Kelty Tuck 22-Degree Sleeping Bag

Best Overall Sleeping Bag: Kelty Tuck 22-Degree Sleeping Bag
1,130 Bought
92 % Editor Score
97 % User Score

Why People Love it

  • Includes an opening to stick your feet out if you get hot
  • Lightweight and perfect for backpacking
  • Lives up to its claims of keeping you warm

At only 3 lbs. and super compressable, this bag is perfect for hiking and backpacking. It's also insulated with Thermapro, which helps to keep you warm in cooler weather, but won't make you sweat too much in warmer weather.

This bag is a little snug for the big and tall, but they do have a longer option as well.

Temperature Rating: This bag withstands temps to 22°, and most people claim it lives up to its reputation. It also has a special insulation that works for all seasons.

Price: You'd expect a much higher price for this quality, but it rings up at under $100. Great bang for your buck!

Comfort: The thermapro insulation is also fairly lofty. People also love the foot vent that allows you to cool off in warmer seasons.

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