7 Best Sleeping Bags for a Comfy Camping Experience

7 Best Sleeping Bags for a Comfy Camping Experience

Camping is one of the top recreational activities in the US, according to Statista. In fact, KOA says over 28 million Americans decided to rough it last year.

Okay, some of them took their fully-stocked RVs, so maybe only their teenagers felt like they were roughing it. But what about those folks who actually were roughing it — tent-style? If you were and still are one of those proud adventurers, don't you think it's time you invest in the right gear?

Here's the deal:

With at least 1 million of last year's campers being newbies, our guess is that they're still using the old flannel sleeping bags their moms bought them in high school. Sound familiar? Those bags probably worked fine for backyard sleepovers, but now you're out in the elements, braving the cold mountain air and sleeping on the ground. But hey, a sleeping bag's a sleeping bag, right?


Let me explain:

Depending on exactly what you do during your camping trips, there are a ton of different options for every camper. For example, if hiking is your bag (pun intended), you'll want to invest in a sleeping bag that's not only warm, but lightweight as well. And yes, they do make sleeping bags specifically with hikers in mind!

On the other hand, if you bring the little ones along, not just any sleeping bag will do for them either. There are kids' sleeping bags designed especially to keep their little bodies warm and toasty, too. 

So what's our top pick for an all-occasion sleeping bag that'll ride out a storm?

The Kelty Tuck 22° Sleeping Bag is the perfect bag for all seasons with its Thermapro insulation and adjustable zippered ventilation area. It's also waterproof and lightweight for backpacking. Best Reviews calls it "a high-quality investment and the best on the market."

 But if you'd still like to check out some others, keep on reading!