31 Best Skin Fade Haircut Styles

31 Best Skin Fade Haircut Styles

For men looking for a haircut that’s up to date with the latest men’s hairstyle trends, you've come to the right place. 

The skin fade is particularly unique because it stands out––or, rather, it jumps out. The contrast of shaved sides and a full head of hair is instantly attention-grabbing. It’s an especially trendy, contemporary look, and best of all, it’s easy to get.

This hairstyle is usually achieved by cutting the hair shorter and shorter as it moves toward the neck. While some haircuts require the hair to be the same length all around the head, the skin fade demands the hair be cut at decreasing lengths.

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31. Drop Skin Fade

Drop Skin Fade Source

A drop fade is where the fade goes from the temple and curves around the ear to the nape of the neck.

For this style, we recommend using your favorite high-quality pomade. A great choice is ShapeShifter by Mack for Men, for a strong hold and natural look.

30. Tapered "Gentleman" Skin Fade

Tapered "Gentleman" Skin Fade Source

This tapered fade takes a classic look and gives it a completely modern spin. The distinctive part and sleek uniformity make this cut perfect for professional settings, but the cut can be styled casually as well.

29. Bouffant Skin Fade

Bouffant Skin Fade Source

If you’re a fan of the long hair but still want a sleek, clean-cut look, then try this bouffant style with a skin fade.

The crown is left long but is layered and styled high in order to achieve this impressive bouffant.

28. Bald Skin Fade

Bald Skin Fade Source

The skin fade and the bald fade haircut can be used interchangeably. They are basically the same thing.

They both use a razor to accomplish the look and require you to sport a skin-close shave at the bottom of the fade. Both can be used with low, mid, and high fades. 

27. Skin Taper Fade

Skin Taper Fade Source

The taper fade is very close to a taper cut. The difference is that near the bottom of the fade it still goes to the skin.

This is a great style if you like to highlight where your beard meets the hairstyle. You can get low, mid, and high taper fade styles

26. Swept Back Skin Fade w/ Undercut

Swept Back Skin Fade w/ Undercut Source

Undercut hairstyles are frequently long but don’t have to be.

With this cool cut, you'll notice the length way up on the head is concentrated and is pulled back with a loose, matte finish. 

25. Skin Fade for Kids

Skin Fade for Kids Source

Kids can rock a sweet fade as well as adults. This one has a geometric design shaved into the sides and a longer top. Children’s hair tends to be fairly thick.

They haven’t begun to fall prey to male pattern baldness at a young age. That makes their hair versatile to work with.

24. Skin Fade w/ Square Crop

Skin Fade w/ Square Crop Source

The layers at the top of the head are snipped level. You can use a gel with this style. Spiky strands that stay separated are part of the style’s appeal. The side line fade is clean cut and striking.

23. Skin Fade w/ Choppy Spikes

Skin Fade w/ Choppy Spikes Source

This fade is longer. It doesn’t graduate to a close shave. Instead, the fade is kept about 1/8-inch long around the ears.

The top is cut roughly and spiked upwards with wax or clay. Pull the ends forward slightly to blend the back of the cut into the front layers.

22. Skin Fade for Wavy Hair

Skin Fade for Wavy Hair Source

A nicely done mid-skin fade is in high demand for most dark men, so put a cheeky spin onto it with a design that mimics the waves inside the haircut instead of a part line, this could be more exciting and thrilling.

21. Balanced Skin Fade w Beard

Balanced Skin Fade w Beard Source

Sometimes a fade in short haircuts can work similar to layers in longer looks. It provides a great structured silhouette to the hair on top and balances with a full beard on the bottom.

It also provides an interesting texture and a clean look. 

20. Sharp + Sexy Skin Fade

Sharp + Sexy Skin Fade Source

A bald fade haircut creates dimension and relief in a hairstyle with a lot of sharp angles and precise curvy lines typical for a Caesar cut. The faded effect and sharply cut facial hair also draw the eye down to lengthen a round face and balance chubby cheeks.

19. Short + Messy Skin Fade

Short + Messy Skin Fade Source

If you’d rather spend your mornings sleeping in than styling your hair, you should opt for a short and messy skin fade haircut. While the look requires little to no styling, it still appears awesome thanks to its short sides and textured top.


18. Skin Fade w/ Messy Faux Hawk

Skin Fade w/ Messy Faux Hawk Source

Want the edgy style of a mohawk without the punk attitude? A fauxhawk with a skin fade could be the perfect answer. Just remember to keep things messy on top for a modern departure from the traditional structured spikes and shapes.

17. Skin Fade w/ Side Part

Skin Fade w/ Side Part Source

While there are many ways to wear your hair with a skin fade, a simple side part is one of the best. Not only is the look easy to create, but it also simultaneously projects a classic appearance and contemporary vibe.

16. Skin Fade w/ Textured Crop

Skin Fade w/ Textured Crop Source

A textured crop partnered with a skin fade creates an awesome contemporary haircut. While the style works particularly well on naturally wavy locks, it can also suit straight hair types with the aid of some texturizing or sea salt spray.

15. Skin Fade w/ Buzz Cut

Skin Fade w/ Buzz Cut Source

Skin fades can work with hair of all lengths, even the seriously short. To pair a buzz cut with a skin fade, use clippers to cut hair short on top.

Then, as you move down your head, gradually reduce the clipper setting until it reaches a zero around your ears.

14. Combed Back Skin Fade

Combed Back Skin Fade Source

For a soft and sophisticated take on the skin fade style, opt for a medium height taper and pair it with hair that is combed back on top. The result will be a seriously dapper ‘do that you can rock to the office and after-hours events.

13. Skin Fade w/ Shaved Design

Skin Fade w/ Shaved Design Source

If a standard skin fade isn’t bold enough your personal style, you can try adding a shaved design. After having your barber cut your hair into a skin fade on the sides, get him to go back over the area and shave a shape into the hair just before it disappears.

The design can be anything from a simple curved line to an edgy lightning bolt, depending on your preference.

12. Skin Fade Hard Part

Skin Fade Hard Part Source

To achieve a subtle yet classy look, try opting for a side-parted bald fade. This hairstyle is ideal for a business or professional setting, but can easily be dressed down for a casual, everyday look as well. 

11. Skin Fade Comb Over

Skin Fade Comb Over Source

If you're looking for a comb over that adds dimension to the overall appearance of your face, this cut with sharp curves and angles will do just that!

10. Blowout w/ Skin Fade

Blowout w/ Skin Fade Source

Partnering a blowout with a skin fade can create a surprisingly stylish appearance. To achieve the look, have your barber shave the sides and back of your hair into a skin fade while leaving at least a few centimeters of length on top.

Then, style your hair by blow drying damp strands while using a round barrel brush to pull locks upwards.

9. High Skin Fade w/ Beard

High Skin Fade w/ Beard Source

If you like a really short hairstyle or want sides that dramatically contrast longer strands on top, you should opt for a high skin fade. The sharp look leaves your hair its standard length on top before quickly transitioning to shaved sides below the hairline.

8. Medium Skin Fade

Medium Skin Fade Source

For a classic or medium skin fade style, opt for a cut that evenly tapers from long to short on the sides of your head. To nail the look, ensure that your hair gradually reduces to reveal skin at a point halfway between your hairline and the top of your ears.

7. Low Skin Fade w/ Crew Cut

Low Skin Fade w/ Crew Cut Source

The traditional crew cut is short and blends perfectly with a fade. This look can work well with a short beard or just some stubble. It doesn’t take much product to style it.

However, some wax or putty worked into the hair can help you direct the ends toward the center. This will help prevent the cut from looking too fuzzy, especially as it grows out.

6. Low Skin Fade

Low Skin Fade Source

Skin fades can sometimes appear quite intense, especially if the wearer has long hair on the top of his head. For a subtle take on the style, you can choose a skin fade that is low instead.

The look, which graduates to reveal the skin just around the ears, is much more understated and subdued than the standard style.

5. Skin Fade w/ Slicked Back

Skin Fade w/ Slicked Back Source

If you’re going for an insanely retro, dapper look, slicked back hair is a must. This is a great skin fade haircut variation for guys who desire a classy appearance.

You can achieve this look in many ways. One good option is to get a cut that’s ideal for a side part. Then, slick back your hair with a nice water-based pomade. This way, you can sport the side part, slick it all back, or do both!

4. Skin Fade w/ Curls

Skin Fade w/ Curls Source

We mentioned earlier that it can be difficult to achieve the skin fade with curls. However, this is one option that will come in handy for curly-headed guys.

In this style, let the hair on top grow out so your natural curls show. Add a skin fade on the sides and back, and you’ll have unbelievably unique hair. This is similar to the textured curly undercut.

3. Skin Fade w/ Quiff

Skin Fade w/ Quiff Source

A relative of the pompadour, the quiff has emerged as a men’s hair trend in recent years, and it looks like it’s here to stay for a while. This lively look requires some serious styling to achieve, so if you’re up for a challenge, this is for you.

You’ll need a good bit of length on top––2 inches is probably the shortest you can go. The longer the hair, the taller the quiff. To style it, apply product to damp hair, then brush your hair up while blow drying it at the same time. This styling process is similar to that of a pompadour.

2. Skin Fade w/ Pompadour

Skin Fade w/ Pompadour Source

The pompadour was a popular style in 2016, and we expect to see more guys embracing the pomp in 2017. This also combines old with new, and it’s a surprisingly versatile look.

As with the skin fade/side part combo, this style is simply a pompadour combined with a skin fade. That’s all you need to ask for to achieve this style. After that, it’s all about maintaining the pompadour regularly to keep it in tip-top shape.

1. Skin Fade w/ Hard Part

Skin Fade w/ Hard Part Source

This is the most simplistic skin fade haircut, and it’s one of the most classic. Combine the age-old, retro side part with a contemporary skin fade, and you’ll be the definition of style.

After you know exactly what you want for the top, just ask for a fade on the sides. Again, be specific with your clipper lengths, and bring in pictures if you have any doubts.

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