Gadgets Snowboarders and Skiers Will Love

Gadgets Snowboarders and Skiers Will Love

Winter comes once a year and that means it's time to hit the slopes with the best ski and snowboard gadgets to make your experience more fun! Snow sports have been around for centuries. And luckily, modern technology has advanced the accessories that we use during our time on the slopes.


If you think it may be time for an update, don't feel like you need to completely replace your beloved board or skis. There are plenty of modern supplements that will make your time in the snow more enjoyable.

If you're looking for a ski helmet or ski mask, we've got a few of the best for you to check out. And, don't forget about a boot drier and snowboard gloves if you're serious about your days on the slopes.

What's the bottom line?

We at Faveable did our research to create a list of the most awesome gadgets and snowboarding gear to take with you on your next snow adventure.

Number one on our list is the Zippo Hand Warmer. And skiiers and snowboarders everywhere agree it's a life changer on the slopes. 

Keep reading to find all of the top ski and snowboard gadgets out there.

Gadgets Snowboarders and Skiers Will Love

  • 15. Seirus Innovation Cold Weather Face Mask
  • 14. Unigear Ski and SnowboardingGloves
  • 13. PEET Dryer Original 2-Shoe Electric Dryer
  • 12. Tesla Men's Thermal Wintergear Long-Sleeved Shirt
  • 11. Bike Boards
  • 10. GoPro HERO5 Session
  • 9. Outdoor Research Lucent Electric Gloves
  • 8. Garmin Fenix 5X
  • 7. TSLA Thermal Wintergear Baselayer Compression Pants
  • 6. OutdoorMaster Ski Goggles
  • 5. Ewarmer Rechargeable Power Bank Portable LED Flashlight Hand Warmer
  • 4. Suunto Ambit 3 Peak Watch
  • 3. Rough Rack Ski and Snowboard Rack
  • 2. Outdoor Tech Universal Wireless Helmet Audio Chips
  • 1. Zippo Hand Warmer (12-Hour)

Best Snowboarding Face Mask


Seirus Innovation Cold Weather Face Mask

Best Snowboarding Face Mask: Seirus Innovation Cold Weather Face Mask
2,283 Bought
70 % Editor Score
82 % User Score

Why People Love it

  • A comfortable, soft, and warm ski/snowboarding mask
  • Makes breathing easy, keeps your nose and mouth warm
  • Built with snowboarding performance and gear in mind

Super warm, comfortable, keeps you covered down to the base of your neck, good elasticity, soft on your skin, traps body heat, provides three layers of insulation between you and the cold, and contoured to fit goggles.

Sizes run large and they may slip down your face from time to time.

Performance: This comfortable ski mask protects your face, neck, ears, and airway from cold weather. It's made with a tough outer shell, waterproof and breathable liner, fleece lined neoprene, Thermolite synthetic down insulation, and a microfleece lining that offers great moisture-wicking. Not only will it keep your face very warm, you'll find it's one of the most comfortable ski masks ANYWHERE!

Features: The built-in ventilator holes allow you to breathe easily and freely during outdoor activities, protecting your airway health in the cold. The top has been contoured to fit beneath your goggles, so your breath won't cause fog to form. With the plush fleece scarf around your neck, you'll never feel the winter chill again.

Price: Starting at just over $20, this is a well-priced mask for skiers, snowboarders or any kind of outdoor activity in the snow. Prepare to be warm and cozy all day long!

Best Snowboarding Gadget for Smartphone Addicts


Unigear Ski and SnowboardingGloves

Best Snowboarding Gadget for Smartphone Addicts: Unigear Ski and SnowboardingGloves
1,243 Bought
81 % Editor Score
83 % User Score

Why People Love it

  • Keep your hands warm while using your phone
  • Water-resistant, sturdy, and comfortable
  • Reinforced palms, thick insulation

Durable, comfortable, allows you to use your touchscreen with your gloves on, zippered pocket included, securely strapped at the wrist, warm and soft fleece lining, TPU waterproof lining included, PU-reinforced palms, 3M thermal insulation, plus 100% lifetime warranty.

Can be tricky to operate your smartphone until you get the hang of the gloves' design.

Performance: Want to use your phone but HATE cold hands? Give these bad boys a try!

The gloves--made with a TPU waterproof lining, 80 grams of 3M thermal thinsulate insulation, 100 grams of cotton, and a soft microfleece inner lining--are supremely warm and comfortable, and they'll keep the chill out of your fingers as you hit the slopes. However, they come with built-in touchscreen pads in the forefinger and thumb that allow you to use your smartphone or tablet with your gloves on.

Features: These water-resistant snowboard gloves are also touchscreen friendly, made with touchscreen pads to use with all smartphones and touchscreen devices. Additionally, these gloves feature high-grade goat leather and windproof fabric both inside and out. They also come with a removable wrist support. The polyurethane leather reinforcement on the palms will ensure the gloves have a longer lifespan.

Price: Starting at $26, these are a well-priced pair of gloves perfectly suited for skiiers and snowboarders alike. Plus, they come with a lifetime warranty. The fact that they make using your smartphone easy is just a bonus!

Best Gadget for After a Day of Snowboarding


PEET Dryer Original 2-Shoe Electric Dryer

Best Gadget for After a Day of Snowboarding: PEET Dryer Original 2-Shoe Electric Dryer
1,823 Bought
94 % Editor Score
83 % User Score

Why People Love it

  • Dries your shoes quickly
  • Prevents trench foot, athlete's foot, and fungal infections
  • Super convenient and easy to use

Dry your shoes overnight with this handy device! Dries two shoes at a time, delivering dry shoes come morning. Easy to use and built for years of reliable operation.

MUST be left on overnight--takes hours to dry.

Performance: The PEET shoe dryer dries any shoe no matter how wet it get's over night. Believe it or not, drying your shoes can extend the life of them! Drying your shoes also removes viruses and skin irritants that can cause you discomfort. And, probably one of the best reasons to keep your shoes dry would be to eliminate any odors caused by bacteria and sweat. 

After a day of snowboarding, just stick the shoes onto this dryer and switch it on. Come morning, the shoes will be dry--all while the device used less electricity than a light bulb!

Features: The dryer is safe for use for all shoe materials--from leather to rubber to neoprene to canvas to microfiber to synthetics. It's a no-fuss device: simply plug it in and get drying!

Price: Is $40 too much to pay for a pair of dried snowboarding shoes at the end of a long day? Heck no!

Best Snowboarding Base Layer Shirt


Tesla Men's Thermal Wintergear Long-Sleeved Shirt

Best Snowboarding Base Layer Shirt: Tesla Men's Thermal Wintergear Long-Sleeved Shirt
1,073 Bought
81 % Editor Score
85 % User Score

Why People Love it

  • The perfect base layer for even the coldest temperatures
  • Long-sleeved, tight-fitting comfort and warmth
  • Durable and reliable running shirt

Super warm, lightweight fabric, good elasticity, versatile, lightweight, two-way air circulation, good quick-drying and moisture-wicking properties, broad range of patterns and colors, and very stylish.

Sizes run small and attracts lint in the wash.

Performance: If you want a good-looking baselayer snowboarding shirt for the winter, this is your top pick. Not only is it a stylish shirt—made by UnderArmour, with  the classic slim fit to emphasize your toned physique—but it comes in a broad range of colors and patterns (from textured to dark colors to camo to bright orange and red). This is the shirt professional athletes wear when skiing or snowboarding in winter months.

The manufacturer makes it clear that these shirts are sized to be tight, so you'll need to buy at least one or two sizes above normal to be comfortable. However, the slim fit ensures that your body heat is trapped near your skin, keeping you warm in winter. The tighter fit also makes it the perfect base layer under heavier sweaters and shirts. 

Features: The lightweight shirt is made out of 87% polyester and 13% spandex, meaning it has the perfect mix of elasticity and comfort. The moisture-sensing fabric will pull sweat away from your body as you shred the slopes, and it will dry quickly to prevent the winter cold from making you sick. The shirt also offers enough two-way air circulation to keep you from overheating without sacrificing warmth.

On the downside, this shirt is prone to odors. It's made with formaldehyde, so it's recommended you wash it once or twice before using. Be warned: the fabric attracts lint in the dryer. You're better off washing it in the machine and letting it dry in the sun.

Price: At $17, this is a great choice for a super-warm base layer. You'll find it keeps you warm even when the temperature is below zero.


Bike Boards

Bike Boards
84 % Editor Score
86 % User Score

Why People Love it

  • Turns your bicycle into a snowboard
  • Great for joy-riding at top speeds down steep ski slopes
  • Easy to attach and secure, simple removal

Secure, sturdy, take your bike down the ski slopes, a good alternative to bicycle snow tires, durable composite board, and clips easily into place. Great for cycling in deep snow.

Kit must be assembled, steep learning curve until you get the hang of movement.

Performance: Love mountain biking but hate that you have to stop during heavy snowfall? Use this little device to turn your bicycle into a snowboard. This snowboard attaches to your bike so you can take it on joy rides down the slopes! It's easy to clip into place and very secure for a new way to have fun.

Features: It easily adjusts to the front wheel of your bike, with two metal jaw pins holding the wheel into place. The board also has a full steel edge and side-curved tips so you can do some serious carving damage. It can be attached to both the front and rear wheels to double your glide speed. Compatible with large, medium, and small bicycles.

Price: A single-ski kit will run you just under $400, while two skis will cost you upward of $600. Pricey, but a fun new way to bring your two favorite activities--snowboarding and cycling--together this winter.

Best GoPro Dash Cam


GoPro HERO5 Session

Best GoPro Dash Cam: GoPro HERO5 Session
1,337 Bought
88 % Editor Score
88 % User Score

Why People Love it

  • One of the top-rated action cameras on the market
  • The perfect compact camera for snow sports
  • Incredibly high quality image and video; highly reliable

Top quality footage, great action camera, easily mounted on your snowboarding helmet, incredibly reliable operation, cinema-quality video and images, top notch audio recording, durable, versatile, feature-rich, and better battery life than most action cams.

Pricey, and the helmet mount must be purchased separately.

Performance: When it comes to action cams, you'll find few on par with the GoPro Hero. The camera is designed to shoot AMAZING quality footage: 4K video shot at 32 FPS, or 1080p video shot at 120 FPS. The footage will be crystal clear and smooth, and you'll get a lot of it thanks to the built-in SD card. The image quality is far better than most of the action cameras on the market.

You'll get decent battery life from the camera, and the one-button operation makes it beautifully easy to start filming or snapping pictures (Single, Time Lapse, or Burst Mode) while hitting the slopes. Best of all, it's super compact, so it won't drag you down or throw off your balance as you shred powder.

Features: The recording features of the GoPro far exceed anything you'll get in your average action camera. You have total control over the resolution, frame rate, zoom, and every other aspect of the filming. When you hit the record button, you can rest assured the camera will capture high quality video. The Advanced Video Stabilization will make sure your video is smooth no matter how much you move.

Worried about damaging it? Don't! The camera is waterproof up to 33 feet, so it can handle more than a little snow. The little camera can be mounted on your helmet (mount sold separately) or a selfie stick to capture amazing pictures on the slope. With your subscription to GoPro Plus and the Quik photo editing app, you'll have no problem uploading your beautiful photos to a cloud storage drive or social media.

Price: At $200, this is a very well-priced action cam! It's going to stand up to a lot of hardcore use, and you'll find few other cameras are as well-suited for the slopes as this. Worth every penny if you want action pictures and quality movies of your snowboarding prowess.

Best High-Tech Snowboarding Warming Gear


Outdoor Research Lucent Electric Gloves

Best High-Tech Snowboarding Warming Gear: Outdoor Research Lucent Electric Gloves
759 Bought
87 % Editor Score
88 % User Score

Why People Love it

  • Gloves that keep your hands warm whether the heater is on or off
  • Durable, useful, and very comfortable
  • Water and windproof, will reduce sweat on your palms

Waterproof shell, goat leather palm, thick insulation, wind-proof, zippered compartment for the batteries, three heat settings, rechargeable battery packs, comfortable, warm even when turned off, and good battery life.

Very pricey, and the low heat setting is totally inefficient.

Performance:  These are gloves designed for outdoor use, and they're the most comfortable on our list hands down! Not only do they have a durable polyester shell that is fully wind and waterproof, but the goat leather palm is soft to the touch. You'll find the gloves are supremely versatile and adaptable to any task—be it typing, shoveling, manual labor, or playing with your kids.

The inner fleece lining is made of 100% polyester, so it offers great moisture-wicking, quick-drying properties while still keeping your fingers toasty warm. The outer GoreTex shell is able to stand up to winter sports and outdoor work without being damaged. Best of all, the gloves extend past your wrist and up your forearms, offering added warmth and trapping in your body heat.

Features:  The heating element built into these gloves delivers 5.5 watts of power per glove, and Outdoor Research's proprietary ALTI heat system offers excellent battery life—as much as 8 hours on the low setting and 2.5 hours on high heat. However, be warned: if you switch it to the low setting to conserve battery life, you'll find it barely generates any heat.

The heating element also covers more surface area than any of the other gloves on our list, meaning the best warmth coverage. The gloves are great for literally any outdoor activity, and the insulation and built-in heater will keep you warm everywhere you go.

Price: Starting at $280 and going as high as $360, these are by far the priciest gloves on our list. If you can afford them, you'll find they keep you warm even when the heater is switched off, and they deliver excellent value in terms of comfort, versatility, and reliability!

Best Snowboarding Activity Monitor


Garmin Fenix 5X

Best Snowboarding Activity Monitor: Garmin Fenix 5X
2,649 Bought
98 % Editor Score
90 % User Score

Why People Love it

  • Loaded with features to help you track and analyze your snowboarding performance
  • Sapphire glass watch face will never crack or scratch
  • ABC (Altimeter, Barometer, Compass) ensures you'll never get lost on the mountains

Incredibly durable, built-in GPS tracking, 3-axis compass, performance widget displays run metrics, connected to Garmin's app, multi-sport tracking, waterproof, compatible with heart rate sensors, and features basic smart watch capabilities.

Larger and heavier than most running watches and VERY pricey.

Performance: This is a watch built for hardcore use! With a stainless steel case, the choice of metal or silicone band, and sapphire glass, you've got a watch that will survive any snowboarding slope or cross-country ski trip.

Despite the rugged design, it's a surprisingly sophisticated watch, built with a lot of features to help you track run performance. The built-in GPS sensors will help you track your location in the mountains, and the 3-axis compass will keep you from getting lost. With a gyroscope and barometric altimeter, you have everything you need to find your way back down the mountain.

The watch has a built-in widget that displays your training load, training status, and smart notifications. Thanks to its compatibility with Garmin Connect, you can upload your data to the online community and personalize your digital watch features.

Features: The watch comes with full-color TOPO U.S. maps, complete with the option to program your positions and snowboarding routes ahead of time. The GPS tracker is highly accurate and will help you stay updated on your position on the slopes.

The built-in heart rate monitor is fairly accurate, though its ANT+ compatible, so you can connect it to any chest strap monitor. The digital features include settings for not just snow sports, but also cycling, running, climbing, HIIT training, and so much more. With the basic smart watch capabilities, you can check your texts and receive alerts of new messages or emails.

Price: At $600, this is a VERY pricey watch. However, for snowboarders who want to track their performance and fitness metrics, it's an investment worth making.

Best Snowboarding Base Layer Pants


TSLA Thermal Wintergear Baselayer Compression Pants

Best Snowboarding Base Layer Pants: TSLA Thermal Wintergear Baselayer Compression Pants
534 Bought
90 % Editor Score
91 % User Score

Why People Love it

  • The ideal pair of compression pants for snowboarders and skiers
  • Lightweight fabric; comfortable beneath heavier snowsuits
  • Good elasticity and compression with a great range of motion

Designed for warmth, great for winter athletes, affordable, comes in a wide range of styles and colors, good blend of polyester and Spandex, quick-drying, moisture-wicking, excellent ventilation, and makes a great base layer.

Sizes are smaller than normal, and these can't quite be considered "thermal" pants.

Performance: If you're a skier or snowboarder looking for a pair of compression shorts to wear under your snowsuit, you'll love these. They don't offer "thermal" protection (like thermal underwear will), but they do provide a base layer to keep warmth trapped close to your skin and reduce chafing.

The pants are made of 87% Polyester and 13% Spandex, so they have just the right amount of elasticity to make them comfortable without losing compression. The material is able to sense moisture and will dry quickly, thanks to the two-way ventilation. They're great for both indoor and outdoor activities in cold and hot climates.

Features: The fabric of these pants is fairly lightweight, so they don't offer total protection against the cold. However, they are slim enough to make a very comfortable base layer beneath a snowsuit or snowboarding outfit. Thanks to their flat seams and snug fit, you'll never have to worry about chafing or rubbing!

The material has good elasticity and midweight compression, but it won't interfere with mobility on the slopes. However, be warned: the fit is a tad short, with the bottom elastic ending closer to mid-calf than the ankle.  

Price: Starting at $10, these are one of the best value pair of compression pants on our list. They are a durable, long-lasting choice that will keep you nice and warm in cool and colder temperatures. A skier and snowboarder's best friend!

Best Snowboarding Goggles


OutdoorMaster Ski Goggles

Best Snowboarding Goggles: OutdoorMaster Ski Goggles
2,595 Bought
92 % Editor Score
93 % User Score

Why People Love it

  • Great for blocking out sunlight and snow glare
  • Interchangeable lenses; change from bright to dim light protection in seconds
  • Excellent field of view, comfortable, and durable

Anti-fog coating, scratch resistant, UV protection for your eyes, interchangeable lenses, frameless style, 8 lens colors available, excellent visibility, built-in ventilation system, dual-layer lenses, and great price tag.

Lenses may pop off beneath helmet and you may experience a minor glare when the sun is directly overhead.

Performance: This awesome pair of goggles has interchangeable lenses, so you can switch from bright to dim light protection in seconds. The lenses come in eight different colors—from blue to yellow to brown to green—so you'll always be able to choose the color that suits your preferences and gives you the most natural view.

You'll get an amazingly wide field of view with these wraparound glasses, plus impressive comfort and fog-free optical technology. Together, these create a better experience than you'll find with any other goggle available.

Features: This pair of goggles is also compatible with most helmets and has an adjustable silicone strap to customize your size and comfort. These goggles even include two mirror lenses, a quick release lens system, and spherical lens with interior volume for fog-free vision.

For those worried about UV radiation, don't! These glasses come with UVA and UVB protection (UV400). The extra-long elastic strap makes the glasses compatible with any helmet styles, though be prepared to fiddle with the lenses. If the helmet is too tight—they may simply pop off.

Price: These may be slightly on the pricier side for a pair of sunglasses, but they're well-priced for snowboarding/ski goggles. You get high quality comfort and versatility at a cost you will definitely love. Plus, a 1-year warranty!

Best Multipurpose Ski and Snowboard Gadget


Ewarmer Rechargeable Power Bank Portable LED Flashlight Hand Warmer

Best Multipurpose Ski and Snowboard Gadget: Ewarmer Rechargeable Power Bank Portable LED Flashlight Hand Warmer
3,605 Bought
90 % Editor Score
94 % User Score

Why People Love it

  • The handwarmer is outstanding and heats up in seconds
  • Just the right size to fit in your pocket
  • An essential tool for any outdoorsman

Keep this compact, multipurpose handwarmer and charger in your coat pocket for up to 8 hours of hand warmth, to plug your phone into it for a quick charge, or to use its built-in LED flashlight to find your way off the mountain.

Bulky, flashlight is tricky to turn on.

Performance: If you're looking for a multi-purpose tool to take with you on the slopes, this is the perfect one. We know that getting to the mountain in the morning and staying until dark can make for a long day, hich is why it's important to be prepared. This 3-in-1 gadget holds enough juice to charge your phone, keep your hands warm, and light up the trails so you can find your way back in the dark. The durable plastic shell is strong enough to withstand a rough fall and compact enough to fit in your pocket. And, the lithium-ion battery can even deliver a full charge to most phones and even iPad Minis. You get up to 500 re-charges from this little device.

Features: The handwarmer on this device is outstanding and is designed with two temperature settings of 110 degrees and 130 degrees fahrenheit. The best part is, it warms your hands as soon as it turns on. So, no waiting around with cold hands. The Ewarmer boasts a 7800-mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery that's set up to charge smartphones, MP3 players and other USB-powered devices. However, the cable isn't included so don't forget to pack it along. Also, the LED flashlight includes five different modes: red light, white light, blinking red light, blinking white light and SOS strobe light for emergencies.

Price: At $28, this is one of the best ski and snowboard gadgets under 100 dollars. Not only do you get an impressive battery charger and an outstanding hand warmer, but it's also a user-friendly LED flashlight that fits in your pocket. It's a good device to keep on hand!

Best Ski and Snowboard Gadget to Splurge on


Suunto Ambit 3 Peak Watch

Best Ski and Snowboard Gadget to Splurge on: Suunto Ambit 3 Peak Watch
1,204 Bought
94 % Editor Score
95 % User Score

Why People Love it

  • Battery life is incredible, no other GPS watch comes close to 200 hours
  • Very quick and accurate, data-tracking is spot on
  • Has all of the bells and whistles which gives you the ability to customize

The Sunnto Ambit 3 Peak watch is your ultimate GPS watch for mountain adventure. 

There is a lot of complexity to this watch which means you may need some time to figure out how to use it. This watch is fairly bulky. 

Performance: What makes this one of the best watches on the market? Simple: its performance! It includes a built-in altimeter, compass, and spot-on GPS tracking. And, if you were thinking of relaxing in a hot tub after a cold day on the mountain, this product is water resistant up to 100 meters. 

Battery life clocks in at around 200 hours, which is better than most other GPS watches around. The steel and crystal design can handle a good deal of wear and tear, and you'll find this watch has a surprisingly long lifespan. Best of all, the silicone straps are snug around your wrist, making it extremely comfortable to wear. 

Features: Want to receive notificaitons to your watch as you receive messages on your phone? No problem! While paired with your phone, the Suunto allows you to see who's calling or texting. Another feature to brag about? This watch has a built-in pressure sensor which gives you weather and altitude data while recording speed, distance, and time as you ski down the slopes. All movement data is synced and stored back to the Suunto app so you can easily access or share. 

One thing we love most is that you can download trail maps straight to your watch. This means you can navigate in remote areas without cell service. 

Price: At $300, this is the priciest gadget on our list. However, when you consider the quality, durability, and versatility, you can understand why we think it's a worthwhile investment.

Best Gadget to Store Skis and Snowboards


Rough Rack Ski and Snowboard Rack

Best Gadget to Store Skis and Snowboards: Rough Rack Ski and Snowboard Rack
580 Bought
96 % Editor Score
96 % User Score

Why People Love it

  • A simple, yet sturdy rack
  • Easy to mount and use
  • Awesome garage space saver

A heavy duty ski and snowboard rack that holds up to 6 boards. 

Must be mounted to studs. 

Performance: Tired of looking at all of the skis and snowboards on your garage floor? We've got the solution for you. The Rough Rack was designed to be the ultimate space saver. The good news is it's easy to mount, with three large screws that are to be screwed directly into studs. As a bonus, the Rough Rack is sturdy enough to hold over 100 pounds. This baby is so strong you can do pull-ups from it. We're not even kidding. What makes it so heavy duty? It's made of welded powder coated steel that's designed to hold up just about anything. If you want a ski and snowboard rack that can keep up with your active lifestyle, this is the one you want.

Features: Not a lot of features built into this rack, but who cares? This simple industrial-looking rack gets the job done. And, looks good while doing it. The Rough Rack is 34-inches in length with a 45-inch hanging space. It's everything you need to store your winter gear! 

Price: At $70, this is a pretty well-priced storage rack. It's able to hold up to 100 pounds of equipment, delivers quality, and is compatible with most types of skis and boards. Definitely a worthy purchase for your home! 

Best Bluetooth Helmet Speakers


Outdoor Tech Universal Wireless Helmet Audio Chips

Best Bluetooth Helmet Speakers: Outdoor Tech Universal Wireless Helmet Audio Chips
3,600 Bought
82 % Editor Score
98 % User Score

Why People Love it

  • Amazing sound quality and extremely easy to use
  • Battery life is fantastic, plus they turn off automatically to conserve battery power when not used for a certain period of time
  • Activating Siri makes using these a breeze

Easily connect these chips to any Bluetooth device by simply dropping them into nearly any helmet. Your ears will be filled with your favorite music for the next ten hours. They can play and pause, raise and lower volume, answer calls and skip tracks, all without making you remove your gloves. Just think: warm hands and no wires inside your jacket.

The audio isn't very loud making it hard to hear music over 50mph wind noise. 

Performance: You'd be amazed by how loud these Bluetooth speakers can get. These babies wirelessly connect to your phone or bluetooth device to deliver Hi-Fi sound into your helmet. The rechargeable lithium-ion battery life is fantastic and will last up to ten hours of play time. Which means you can listen to your favorite tunes the entire time you're on the mountain. The speaker chips are water and sweat-proof, surprisingly durable, and can handle the coldest of the cold. And by cold, we mean -4 degrees fahrenheit. 

The chips are designed to be compatible with all the major brands of snowboarding helmets, including but not limited to Bern, Giro, Smith, K2, Anon, and Pro-Tec. Basically, they'll fit in any helmet with the audio drop-in slot.

Features: The chips are black, but you have the option of choosing between red or yellow wires. You can easily switch songs, take a call, or adjust the volume from a tap on the right ear bud. And, it has a built in mic so you can either talk on the phone or tell Siri to read your text messages. 

The Dot walkie-talkie app allows you to communicate with your crew on the slopes at the push of a button, and the range is limitless.

Price: At just under $130, this is a slightly pricier gadget on our list, but so worth it if you want to improve your life on the slopes. The chips are a gadget every music loving snow boarder should have. 

Best Hand Warmer


Zippo Hand Warmer (12-Hour)

Best Hand Warmer: Zippo Hand Warmer (12-Hour)
6,741 Bought
94 % Editor Score
86 % User Score

Why People Love it

  • Maintains its temperature the entire time
  • Perfect for all cold weather activities
  • You will never go back to disposable hand warmers again

A quick and easy way to stay warm for hours on the slopes, hiking trips, or camping trips. 

Once you light it, the hand warmer doesn't shut off. It stays warm for the entire length of time. 

Expert Ratings


9.4 / 10

This compact hand warmer fits into the smallest pockets and stays warm for up to 12 hours. The heat is flameless and instead uses a catalytic burner which is safe. Unlike the disposable warmers, the Zippo remains the same temperature for the entire 12 hours. The metal construction makes it rugged and durable.


9.3 / 10

This hand warmer fits into the smallest of pockets thanks to the sleek design. All of the sides are rounded for comfort, and it comes with a soft black pouch designed to prevent this product from getting scratched. The 12-hour warmer is 3.9 inches tall while the 6-hour warmer is 2.9 inches. So, if you're looking for something on the smaller side, go with the 6-hour. This handy gadget comes in five colors, including black, silver, white, pink, and camo. 


9.5 / 10

At $15, this is one of the cheapest gadgets on our list. And, you can't beat Zippo quality. However, one thing to note is that the fluid is sold separately.

Overall Editor Score

9.4 / 10

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