4 Best Shaving Brushes

4 Best Shaving Brushes

You don’t know a good shave until you’ve had a wet shave with a straight razor or safety razor. Although you may think you're doing just fine with your expensive drugstore razor, don't be fooled. The truth is you are missing out on the closest, best shave of your life.

Classic wet shaving brings a combination of tools together that make shaving something to enjoy, while also reducing waste and saving money. And one of the most important elements of the best shave you’ll ever have? A quality shaving brush.

You might be wondering: 

Why is a good shaving brush so important? The truth is, your shaving brush can mean the difference between the best shave of your life, and burning and cutting yourself with your blade. 

Let me explain.

The only way to get the perfect lather is to use a quality shaving brush. And when lathered on the face, a good brush will comfortably exfoliate and lift the hairs for a cut-throat shave.

Here's the best part:

We spent hours pouring over different products and reviews to bring you this list of the best shaving brushes ever.

So, keep reading. We guarantee our list has something for everyone.

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