8 Best Sexy Halloween Costumes

8 Best Sexy Halloween Costumes


After 25 hours of research evaluating 200 products, we picked California Costumes Women's Egyptian Goddess Costume as our top choice.

Brace yourself: It’s that time of year when keyboard warriors gripe about how women dress too sexy on Halloween. Heck, maybe you’re even one of the people firing off complaints (if that’s the case, here’s a list of some adult costumes you’ll like - it includes several conservative pieces).

Just for the record, we’re not here to join the battle against sexy attire. We realize women rock sexy Halloween costumes to smash the patriarchy, delight significant others, and/or show off the benefits of a diet or exercise routine.

There are also modest women who think it’s fun to be someone else for a day (especially a sexy someone else), and we totally support that too. But women aren’t the only ones who wear sexy Halloween costumes.

Some men also enjoy sexy shenanigans on Halloween - and if you’re one of them, you’ve got to check out the Scottie dress on our list.    

We’ve compiled a bunch of the best sexy Halloween costume ideas in one convenient place so you can have an amazing Halloween - whether you plan to enjoy a sensual evening with your partner or showcase your curves at a spooktacular party. Happy haunting!

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