4 Best Selfie Sticks

4 Best Selfie Sticks

The selfie is taking the internet by storm! It's almost more common to see people snap selfies over regular photographs, so it should come as no surprise to find that selfie sticks are the latest and greatest invention.

"What the heck is a selfie stick?" you may ask. Simply put, it's a telescoping stick with a slot for your phone. Insert the device into the slot, hold it up to the perfect angle for your selfie, and snap the picture! It helps you to change the angle of your selfies, giving you wider angles and better shots! At least one selfie pole is actually a bluetooth selfie stick, which is a real bonus.  And if you can't force yourself to say "stick" one more time on your quest for the best selfie stick, then look for a monopod selfie; it's the same thing.

Here's the deal:

Selfie sticks combine comfort and convenience with that perfect angle to snap a selfie. Sure, it may look a tad goofy, but it's the best way to make sure your picture is just right.

There's a lot to consider when looking to buy selfie stick: pole length, durability, phone size, how the picture is taken, and the list goes on. We've done the research to bring you only the best selfie stick choices on the market. We've examined the dozens of selfie sticks on the market, read over thousands of reviews, and (I'm slightly shamed to admit it) taken our fair share of selfies. All this to be 100% certain we're bringing you only the best!

So what's the bottom line?

Topping our list of Faves is the bad-ass Fugetek FT-568 Professional Selfie Stick, a durable, lightweight selfie stick that doesn't just work for cell phones, but can mount GoPro cameras and even HD cameras. It's the perfect way to take that selfie just right.

Of course, we've found a few other options as well. Read on to find the best selfie stick for you!