5 Best Scooters for Adults

5 Best Scooters for Adults


After 8 hours of research evaluating 73 products, we picked Micro Flex Series Kick Scooters as our top choice.

People who live in a metro area know the struggle behind getting around. Every option seems to have its host of problems. For instance, if you were to buy your own car, you may have to pay for parking fees in addition to monthly insurance and car payments. Mopeds have cheaper insurance and get incredible gas mileage, but still have similar problems and aren't as safe as cars.


With private transportation striking out, you may consider public transit. But public transportation means that you don’t get to move around on your own schedule. Plus, depending on where you live, public transportation may not be an option at all. On top of that, neither public nor private transit is a very "green" way to get around.

What's the bottom line?

Many people instead choose to travel using human-fueled transport, like bikes or scooters. With this in mind, let’s investigate the best scooters for adults: why to purchase one, what to look for, and which scooters offer the best bang for your buck.

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