5 Best Running Shoes for Women

5 Best Running Shoes for Women

Whether you’re tackling a half-marathon or just a normal run, finding a good pair of running shoes for women is essential before your feet hit the pavement.

A study from Tulane University School of Medicine found that 60% of female runners stumble upon some sort of running injury because of old, worn, or improper running shoes.

Now that you're researching women's running shoes, what else will you need? According to running coach and blogger at Lazy Girl Running, Laura Fountain, says you won't need much more than a comfortable t-shirt and leggings to get started.

Because we don’t want you to get hurt, we’ve spent hours testing and researching hundreds of running shoes for women. The ones we found are the absolute best. We considered their comfort, breathability, fit, price, and style.

Now, on to our list.

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