6 Best Pressure Cookers

6 Best Pressure Cookers

Looking for a healthy start to the New Year? How about a completely delicious dinner you can put on the table at lightning speed? You’re going to get all that and more with a pressure cooker. Seriously.

It was a French physicist that developed this cooking method way back in the 1670s. We’re not making that up. Nor are we exaggerating its role in the development of the steam engine.

What else?

Super healthy cooking. Old-fashioned doesn’t mean unhealthy. A 1995 study shows this is the healthiest way to cook as it preserves 90-95 percent of nutrients. (Boiling can leave you with a mere 40 percent of nutrients).

Pressure cookers operate using a combination of heat and, quite obviously, steam pressure. It’s not terribly complex; it’s more a matter of being efficient.


We’ve taken the guesswork out of choosing the best pressure cooker – whether you’re after a stovetop model or an electric pressure cooker, we know what you need. We’ve spent an incredible amount of time over the past few weeks testing, reading, and rating. These are definitely the best pressure cookers you can get.

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