Adore Me Jackie Corset

Best Plus Size Corsets

Why people love it
  • Both sexy and comfortable
  • Available up to size 6XL
  • Detachable garter straps included

Unfortunately, this product has an inconsistent fit and can run both small and large. 


Color: Available in black only.

Fabric: The polyester/spandex sheer, mesh embroidered panels provide an air of sexy class. However, because the fabric used is so delicate, owners should wash the garment by hand to extend the life of the product.

Style: Strapless, embroidered corsets with detachable garter straps and matching lace thong.

Fit: This product provides a very soft, comfortable fit; however, this product does not fit true to normal measurements and consumers have reported it can either run slightly small or slightly large.

Price: At a whopping $39.95 for first time buyers, this product is very reasonably priced.

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