Brightex Super Bright LED Small Tactical Flashlight

Best Tactical LED Flashlight Under $100


When you need a unit that can do a lot more than just illuminate the area behind the fridge, but you don't want to pay a fortune, this is the baby to get. It's compact, super powerful, and has earned the respect of users with law enforcement and military backgrounds.



This torch from Brightex is super powerful inside and out. The body is crafted from aircraft-grade aluminum so it can operate under seriously tough conditions, and be stored just about anywhere. It's also waterproof, allowing you to take it out into storms where other products would fall down. And yes, it is remarkably compact. The outer shell is 4.5 inches long with a body diameter of 2.2 inches. That puts it securely into your hands and the 3.7 ounces that it weighs keeps it there comfortably. (Yes, it weighs less than a quarter of a pound!)

Light up the night or just between those two trees.

The outer body is one thing. Yes, you want something lightweight and convenient, but the reason you buy an LED torch is for the light it provides. It's tested to provide at least 600 lumens, but it does a lot more than that. You can expect an output of light comparable to 1000+ lumens from this light's U2 CREE LED bulb. You'll get about 15 hours of operating time from three AAA batteries which is more than impressive given the results of similarly priced products. 

And now for the good parts

Even with the impressive beams, so far this is a fairly standard (if compact) unit. But it gets better. 

The zoom feature on this baby allows you to view objects and animals 600 feet away, that's something like 2000 times the flood feature's ability whcih will illuminate everything in your immediate surroundings. The zoom feature operates smoothly with your thumb, keeping your other hand free for whatever you need it for. A single half click operation takes you between modes:

  • High
  • Mid
  • Low
  • Strobe
  • SOS

When you first switch it on, you'll be treated to high mode so you don't need to worry about fussing with modes in an emergency. 

A few features you might not have expected include the holster for hands-free carrying and the 100% satisfaction guarantee. More important is the built-in battery adaptor that allows you to insert three AAA battery or a 18650 or 26650 lithium battery. You can grab what you have and make this baby work. 

All in, you're unlikely to get anywhere close to the quality of this light for the price. If you need something powerful, but affordable, you shouldn't look anywhere else.

The features reviewers rave about

  • Nobody can get over how powerful this light is; the beams are unparalleled even when pitted against some of the more expensive products in this list.
  • The manufacturer stands behind its products. There aren't many reported issues; when there are, Brightex handles them like professionals.
  • Smooth performance when switching modes and zooming in matched by a "true light" experience (greens don't become gray under the light).

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