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This product is by no means as fancy as some of the others on this list. It simply doesn't have the range or duration the others have. What is does have is a terrific price tag and more (albeit basic) features than you would expect given the low price. The combination of durability, reliability, and different modes pushed this torch to the top of the list.


Made from aluminum alloy, this flashlight is sturdy enough to handle daily use, as well as a few tougher incidents. The manufacturers claim this flashlight is waterproof, but they advise against submerging it for too long, and we believe that you may want to abide by the term water-resistant rather. And, hopefully, you'll never need it, but the body offers a crenelated strike bezel for self-defense purposes. 

And, this baby is truly compact with a length of 7.95 inches. The head diameter is 1.37 inches with a body diameter of .98 inches. It weighs just a fraction more than half a pound.

How bright is this flashlight?

But, none of that matters unless a flashlight does what you need it to... provide a light in the darkness. And, by all accounts, it does just that. The high-powered LED light will work for around 100,000 hours. Keep in mind that's over 4000 days and more than 11 years if run continuously. So, the chance of needing another flashlight to replace this one is quite slim. And, this flashlight has a max of 1600 lumens. Again, it's not the brightest available, but more than respectable given the price tag on this baby. 

The details you should know 

The switch is on the base cap, and you will need two 18650 lithium-ion batteries to power this baby. (Keep in mind that 18650 is not the same as AA batteries though they are roughly the same size.) With the 5-mode model, you should receive a charger for the batteries along with the flashlight itself. 

And that brings us to the main benefit of this flashlight over one that just switches on and off. This version has modes so you can operate different types of light from the same flashlight. The five modes include 

  • High
  • Middle
  • Low
  • Strobe
  • SOS
  • plus the ability to zoom in and out as needed

Now for the drawback; there is just the one. You need to be very careful when ordering this product. There are some vendors that ship from China, not the United States, and those that aren't terribly concerned whether you get an original or a knock-off. A list of the best vendors and those that don't respond can be found here.

Keep in mind that, like many existing users, you are going to want a few of these. You may want to order as many as you need from the get-go.

What turned our reviewers on:

  • The different modes and the way you switch between them.
  • The level of brightness given the battery and size was astounding.
  • Value for money.

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