Lulu Organics Hair Powder & Natural Dry Shampoo For Women

Best Organic & Natural Dry Shampoo For Women

Why people love it
  • Great scent

  • Trendy packaging 

  • All natural waterless shampoo 


Application is messy and difficult to apply since it's natural and doesn't come in an aerosol can. 


Lulu Organic's Hair Powder is a natural waterless shampoo for women and differs from most mainstream products with it's eco-conscious, health-savvy, and talc-free formula. Don't let the expensive price scare you away, this stuff lasts for a really long time. Not to mention, we can't get enough of the natural jasmine and lavender fragrance. 

Lulu Organics’s formula is made with organic corn starch, rice powder, white clay, and pure essential oils, so you never have to worry about those unwanted synthetic ingredients. And since it leaves no annoying white residue behind, even dark-haired girls can use it. To top it off, the packaging is cornstarch based, biodegradable and comes in this lovely art nouveau-esque packaging. 

Oil Absorption

Many waterless shampoos on the market use combinations of natural rice and rice starchs to soak up the oil and grease. One thing Lulus does differently is they use natural organic corn starch and white clay. Whatever the reason, we're loving it. The formula is surprisingly silky, designed to soak up excess oil and bad odours. The natural corn starch and clay not only absorb the oil in an instant, but they add thickness to the hair. Simply sprinkle a dime size amount of powder into your hands or brush and rub through the roots of your dry hair.


Instead of major volume, this natural dry shampoo makes the roots slightly texturized. For an added boost, massage the roots once you apply the natural powder. This will amplify the volume giving you that freshly blow-dried look.


In terms of scents, we would go with natural Lavender + Clary Sage (essential oil scented). It has a lovely lavender scent laced with the faintest trace of herbal clary sage. They also have a few others, if you’re feeling adventurous. Patchouli + Amber is a musky scent with a hint of amber. Vetiver & Black Pepper combines the smells of wood, dark black pepper, and coriander. Then there's sweet jasmine, which we also really love. 


Yes, we know the price might make you cringe but what do you expect from an organic product that is handmade? A lot of time and love went into creating this waterless shampoo so we think it's worth it, especially if you're an eco-conscious or health-savvy girl. 

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