7 Best Nursing Bras

7 Best Nursing Bras

After 15 hours of research evaluating 70 products, we picked Bravado Body Silk Seamless Nursing Bra as our top choice.

Alright, so there are some truly awesome benefits to breastfeeding. There are also a lot of changes that are going to happen to your body once you give birth and your milk comes in, which is why you need to be prepared.

People are going to remember to get you all the cool stuff you’ll need for the baby, like a baby carrier, a baby swing, and a crib mattress. But a nursing bra? Well, that’s kind of a personal purchase that you’re most likely going to have to handle yourself.

You might be wondering: 

“Can’t I just wear my regular bras, but size up during and after pregnancy?” Nope. You’re definitely not going to want to do that. Nursing bras have been created with the specific purpose of providing mommies and mommies-to-be with a special kind of support, comfort, and convenience that their changing body needs.

We’ve actually been doing a lot of writing about the best bras for women this month, and we can honestly say that we didn’t come across a regular bra that would be versatile enough to work for a nursing mother.

Here’s the deal:

As your breasts become swollen and leaky and even plugged-up, you’re going to want a nursing bra that makes you forget about the discomfort for just a second so you can quickly get to your breast and feed your child. And while we conducted extensive research on the best nursing bras out there, we did find that one brand tended to outshine the rest.

Although Bravado is not the only nursing bra maker that landed a spot on this list, they are the only one who took 4 of the 7 spots because, in all honesty, they really know what the heck they’re doing. Plus, Consumer Reports calls them one of the best brands for nursing bras, so you know you’ve at least got to give them a closer look.

Of course, what works for one woman isn’t going to work for all women, so we’ve covered every angle here, including the best plus size nursing bras, the best nursing bras for when you want to work out, as well as the most affordable nursing bras because, let’s face it, you’re probably going to need to buy a few of these before you make it out of the breastfeeding woods.

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