When what you're listening to is all that really matters.

  • Powerful active noise cancelation that can be turned on/off with the touch of a button
  • Inline mic/remote makes it easy to control music and calls on your phone
  • Get the best noise cancelation around, plus a slim design that’s comfortable too

What Reviewers Say:

With 4.5 stars out of 5, you can bet these headphones have a lot of positive reviewers.

  • I don't use the word "revolutionary" casually. Truth is, a product rarely qualifies for that accolade. But knowing as much as I do about noise-cancelling technology, I would not have believed that what Bose has accomplished with the QC20 series was even possible. In fact, I'd say they've created the best all-around earphone or headphone on the market today for everyday use with portable music players.
  • The sound is immersive. I find that outside noises disappear, what is being played is rendered clearly, cleanly, and with a good deal of resonance. The headset fit is ideal; I can be wearing the earbuds for hours at a time and not notice them at all. On long flights, in particular, I find myself becoming lost in what I am listening to/watching and the time passes all but unnoticed.
  • If you fly a lot these are great. I've been through many noise cancelling headsets previosly on the on ear type. They cost 350.00 they were comfortable till my ears started to sweat kept out the noise fantastically built in Bluetooth. Then I saw the Bose QC20. I've never been a fan of ear buds till Bose with their "Stayhear+" tips. I live near a Bose store so I tried them. I got them with a promise that I could return them if I didn't like them. So I got them and hopped on a 6 hour flight. Finally no sweaty ears, great noise cancelling and small light weight package to carry, and a microphone for phone calls. I suggest you try the different ear tips and get the right fit. The usual great Bose sound. No banging bass like those beats. Just nice clean sound with right amount of bass. Okay one small complaint they are a bit delicate so treat them gently. Yes they are a bit pricey but for quality and level of noise cancelling (not isolation) I said cancellation. These come close to being worthy of the price tag. I've taken a bold step by carefully putting a small amount of Sugru at the connection points. I know you shouldn't have to but I like the sound. I hope they improve the quality and make a sweatproof Bluetooth version. Consider this a luxury buy, or as I like to call the sanity on the plane and they are great to wear in the terminal too. Blocks out that annoying PA system.
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