7 Best Mouthwash Brands

7 Best Mouthwash Brands

Who loves the smell of morning breath? Um, no one. 

Bad breath is one reason people turn towards mouthwash. But, that’s not the only reason. Some use mouthwash for teeth whitening, while others need a little extra help battling gingivitis.

Even if you’ve heard that dentists don’t recommend mouthwash, they most certainly do. It’s just that they won’t suggest using it as a replacement for other oral hygiene habits. You can’t expect to have great looking teeth and healthy gums if you skip the brushing and flossing steps.

Consider Your Mouthwash Carefully!

No, really. You may think of it as a bottle that sits on your bathroom shelf, but there’s no point in grabbing any old bottle off the shelf. Consider the condition of your oral health and the issues you typically battle before making a decision.

We’ve spent weeks researching and testing different rinses to find the best mouthwash brands out there. We’ve included those with and without fluoride and alcohol, those that are safe for children, those beneficial for different mouth conditions, and, yes, one that does a fantastic job at whitening your teeth. 

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