7 Best Mouthwash Brands

7 Best Mouthwash Brands

Who loves the smell of morning breath? Um, no one. 

Bad breath is one reason people turn towards mouthwash. But, that’s not the only reason. Some use mouthwash for teeth whitening, while others need a little extra help battling gingivitis.

Even if you’ve heard that dentists don’t recommend mouthwash, they most certainly do. It’s just that they won’t suggest using it as a replacement for other oral hygiene habits.

Consider Your Mouthwash Carefully!

We’ve spent weeks researching and testing different rinses to find the best mouthwash brands out there.

We’ve included those with and without fluoride and alcohol, those that are safe for children, those beneficial for different mouth conditions, and, yes, one that does a fantastic job at whitening your teeth. 


7 Best Mouthwash Brands

Best Mouthwash for Fighting Gingivitis

Best Mouthwash for Fighting Gingivitis: Listerine Ultra Clean Arctic Mint Antiseptic Mouthwash

7. Listerine Ultra Clean Arctic Mint Antiseptic Mouthwash

Editor Score: 92%

User Score: 80%

Why People Love it

  • Leaves mouth ultra clean
  • Great price
  • Results in refreshingly clean breath


Besides the price, which you will flip over, this mouthwash sets out to give you plaque and gingivitis-free mouth. And, the anti-tartar ingredient offers cleaner, brighter teeth.


When a reviewer says something “tastes like poison,” you really need to be wary of the flavor. Actually, it’s a much repeated concern with this mouthwash.


This is the bottle that makes you think of mouthwash and the Listerine brand is well-respected. Add to that the fantastic price of this product and you’re starting to get the picture. This budget mouthwash really does a fantastic job with relieving plaque build-up and other such nasties. But it tastes terrible; likely as a result of the incredibly high alcohol content. Still, you will get fresher breath that lasts until your next meal.

What does it claim to do? The marketing team at Listerine really does take a leap when it says this mouthwash provides a dentist-level clean. However, the bottle itself does claim to control tartar build-up and kill plaque and gingivitis germs. It also is said to freshen breath and keep it that way.

Does it do it? We’re not convinced on the dentist-fresh clean, but the rest of the claims hold up under scrutiny.

Is it good at anything else? What more do you want? Just kidding, we know that a miracle product at this price would make anyone happy, but there’s no promise about it.

Who’s it for? If you need a little extra hand dealing with gingivitis or bad breath, this is for you. Just don’t let your kids get into it.

What’s inside the bottle? There’s a fair amount of alcohol in this mix (over 21 percent), but you’ll also find eucalyptol and menthol to get the job done.

Recommended usage? You can rinse with this two to three times a day. It’s best to do it after brushing, but if you need a little help after lunch, we get it.

What’s it taste like? It’s a strong mint flavor; in fact a little on the too strong side of things. Don’t try it if you can’t handle strong flavors.

Will it break the bank? We love the price of this mouthwash. You’ll get it for about 15 cents an ounce. Come on, who doesn’t love that?

Available on Subscribe and Save or Prime Pantry? You can add this to your Prime Panty box; it takes up eight percent of your space, just in case you’re wondering.

Best Mouthwash for Cavity Protection

Best Mouthwash for Cavity Protection: ACT Alcohol Free Anticavity Fluoride Rinse

6. ACT Alcohol Free Anticavity Fluoride Rinse

Editor Score: 92%

User Score: 82%

Why People Love it

  • Tastes surprisingly great
  • Dispensed in measured sips
  • Helps to reduce tooth sensitivity


This is one of the few alcohol-free formulas that’s clinically proven to prevent tooth decay while strengthening teeth. And, it carries the maximum amount of fluoride available without a prescription, which really makes a difference.


This isn’t exactly cheap and a some users (very few) have had a negative reaction to the formula.


There are some seriously good reasons to consider this mouthwash. We’re fans of the fact that you can squeeze the perfect amount into the top of this bottle. And the high level of fluoride without the alcohol is a true plus. What’s more is that it truly does strengthen tooth enamel by depositing minerals back into soft spots.

But, we are left a little wanting on some of the finer points of the sale, such as the price and the omission of this product on any of the Amazon lists that make it easy to keep your home stocked (such as the Subscribe and Save or Prime Pantry). Still, if you’re prone to cavities and worried about alcohol in your oral hygiene routine, this is absolutely the mouthwash for you.

What does it claim to do? This anti-cavity formula claims to kill bad breath, strengthen enamel, and restore needed minerals to soft spots.

Does it do it? Just about everyone agrees that this does what it claims and does it well.

Is it good at anything else? You’d be surprised at how well this works for those with sensitive mouths; especially for being alcohol-free.

Who’s it for? As you would expect, you should really keep this out of reach of children. But, the bottle design and the fact that it’s alcohol-free means you shouldn’t stress too much.

What’s inside the bottle? The key ingredient here is sodium fluoride – and plenty of it. You get an exact dose as you squeeze the contents of the bottle into the top.

Recommended usage? Considering that you can measure this out specifically, it’s not a bad idea to just read the packaging when you get it. But, it’s not as if you swirl and swish any differently.

What’s it taste like? Most people prefer the mint flavor, but there is a cinnamon one available too.

Will it break the bank? You’re going to pay over 50 cents per ounce on this. That’s an absolute shame. We really think it could fall under that, even a little. But, it is what it is.

Available on Subscribe and Save or Prime Pantry? Sadly, no. Well, at least not at the time of writing.

Best All Natural Mouthwash

Best All Natural Mouthwash: Oral Essentials Mouthwash

5. Oral Essentials Mouthwash

Editor Score: 90%

User Score: 85%

Why People Love it

  • Tastes fantastic
  • Leaves mouth feeling fresh and clean
  • Does not burn; great for kids


This is a fantastic mouthwash if you’re worried about too many chemicals going into your mouth; it’s all natural and even safe for kids to use. And, you can add this alcohol-free, burn-free product to your Subscribe and Save list.


This is on the pricey side, but that’s what you get when you call a product “artisanal” – even if it’s a mouthwash. Also, it’s sugar free, but it does have Xylitol, soo…


We appreciate that this natural mouthwash has a strong following and gets the job done. Having said that, you can’t do a whole lot without adding in a few things like fluoride, alcohol, or hydrogen peroxide – so, this doesn’t promise to whiten teeth, correct soft spots, or anything like that.

This burn-free formula doesn’t taste minty as you may expect, but it is a safe mouthwash for children. And, despite the price, we’re happy to see it on the Subscribe and Save list. You also get a satisfaction guarantee, so you know the manufacturer stands behind this product.

What does it claim to do? This natural mouthwash claims to freshen bad breath without any harsh chemicals, dyes, or preservatives. And, it promises to do so for several hours.

Does it do it? According to real users, it actually manages to stave off bad breath for the whole day. That, of course, depends on whether you add onions and garlic to your lunch. But, you get the picture.

Is it good at anything else? This is one of the few options that makes a suitable mouthwash for kids. That has everything to do with the ingredient list. But, you really should exercise caution when offering an oral rinse to your youngins. If they have terrible breath, but decent oral hygiene habits, you should probably chat it through with the dentist or pediatrician before offering any mouthwash.

Who’s it for? This is for anyone that likes to keep it au naturel, and not a bad option for families.

What’s inside the bottle? There are plenty of organic oils in this formula, along with aloe vera juice and Dead Sea salt. But, the ingredients that are missing are likely to be more important – namely the lack of hydrogen peroxide, alcohol, and preservatives.

Recommended usage? You can use this two or three times a day, swishing and spitting as you would any other mouthwash. It’s designed to freshen breath, so we would recommend using it after meals (or as part of your normal brushing routine.

What’s it taste like? The composition of this formula offers more of a natural, herbal taste than the strong mint you’ve become accustomed to; you’ll probably need to spend some time adjusting to it.

Will it break the bank? This is not the cheapest mouthwash out there. Indeed, you’ll pay about 75 cents per ounce. We wish it was cheaper, but it’s not.

Available on Subscribe and Save or Prime Pantry? Yep, you can add this to Subscribe and Save which does help to alleviate the price of this puppy a little.

Best Mouthwash for Whitening Teeth

Best Mouthwash for Whitening Teeth: Crest 3D White Luxe Arctic Fresh Multi-Care Mouthwash

4. Crest 3D White Luxe Arctic Fresh Multi-Care Mouthwash

Editor Score: 88%

User Score: 88%

Why People Love it

  • Results in noticeably whiter teeth
  • Reduces and prevents stains
  • Good price for an amazing product


This is a triple action mouthwash; it suppresses nasty breath, whitens teeth, and protects against future germs. It’s available for your Prime Pantry box, and it’s a super price at that.


Some people complain about the taste of this mouthwash. And, even though it helps whiten teeth, it doesn’t necessarily give you that awesome clean feeling (though you should combine it with a brush).


Life takes its toll on every part of your body. And, if you’re the sort that enjoys coffee, red wine, or even the occasional cigarette (we’re not here to judge), then you probably also feel the need for an extra hand when it comes to whitening your teeth. This is the best mouthwash to help you do just that.

We’re big fans of the fact that this Hydrogen Peroxide mouthwash prevents future stains while whitening your teeth and that it can be added to your Prime Pantry list. We’re not so impressed with the taste of this mouthwash. But, we’re doing our best to get over it; this mouthwash is worth it (and it doesn’t cost much either).             

What does it claim to do? You may be tempted to dismiss this product, believing that it promises too much. (Don’t make that mistake.) The claim is that this Hydrogen Peroxide mouthwash helps to whiten teeth and prevent future stains. It’s also supposed to kill the bacteria that cause bad breath.

Does it do it? This awesome mouthwash does all of that remarkably well. Indeed, some people report almost instant results on the whitening front (just three days to one week). It also does its job on the breath freshening front too.

Is it good at anything else? Well, you would have a difficult time finding another benefit to the advertized list here. And, we’re happy to forgive that.

Who’s it for? This is perhaps the best mouthwash on the market for smokers, not to mention red wine and coffee drinkers. Of course, anyone that desires whiter teeth should find a reason to work this into their dental care routine. It’s definitely not for children under the age of 12.

What’s inside the bottle? This mouthwash doesn’t have the longest ingredient list, but the one that that you’re most concerned with is the hydrogen peroxide. It’s fantastic for whitening teeth and killing germs. (But, you already knew that, didn’t you?)

Recommended usage? You’re supposed to rinse with a tablespoon of this mouthwash for a minute after brushing your teeth every morning and night.

What’s it taste like? Yep, it’s minty, just as you would expect. You will find Hydrogen Peroxide in the mix, which gives it a slightly nasty taste (and aftertaste). Still, it does the job, so you may need to get over it.

Will it break the bank? No! This is one of the best-priced mouthwashes on the market. Chalk it up to the market share that Crest has, if you will. But, this still costs less than 20 cents per ounce. You gotta love that.

Available on Subscribe and Save or Prime Pantry? You can add this to your next Prime Pantry box. It fills a mere 5.4 percent, so you can always save it for the moment when you just need that last little bit.

Best Mouthwash for Dry Mouth and Oral Irritations

Best Mouthwash for Dry Mouth and Oral Irritations: Biotène Dry Mouth Oral Rinse

3. Biotène Dry Mouth Oral Rinse

Editor Score: 91%

User Score: 91%

Why People Love it

  • Minimizes dry mouth and other such issues
  • Tastes remarkably good
  • Recommended by dentists (and who doesn’t like that?)


This super antibacterial mouthwash offers serious benefits to those that suffer from dry mouth (whatever the reason). It’s also fantastic at fighting irritating mouth sores.


Some users report that the benefits don’t last as long as the four hours claimed on the packaging.


Have dry mouth? Get a bottle of Biotène. You’ll be happy you did. This mouthwash really helps – so much so that it’s recommended for people undergoing chemotherapy. The formula makes use of a number of compounds that boost your natural defense systems.

You can expect the formula to last for about four hours – and to offer a fresh breath at the same time. The price isn’t terrible, nor are the buying options. But, we would have appreciated the ability to subscribe and save; if you’re suffering from dry mouth… you clearly have other things to worry about.

What does it claim to do? If you need a mouthwash that helps you cope with dry mouth, this is the one you want. It provides immediate relief – as long as you have a bottle of it handy. More, it lasts up to four hours; that’s a big help on presentation day.

Does it do it? Most people find this to be a very effective formula.

Is it good at anything else? It’s not so bad at relieving bad breath either. We like that.

Who’s it for? This isn’t exclusively for adults, though most children aren’t likely to need such a formula. If they do, we recommend consulting your dentist before use. If you regularly suffer from dry mouth, get yourself a bottle; users undergoing chemotherapy recommend it as part of their regular dental care.

What’s inside the bottle? There are four antibacterial enzymes at play here. Lysozyme, Lactoferrin, Glucose Oxidase, and Lactoperoxidase work to boost the natural defense system found in your saliva. That’s a long way of saying this is a fantastic formula.

Recommended usage? If you’re using this as a mouthwash, you should swirl a tablespoon around for 30 seconds just as you would with any antibacterial formula. But… there’s something a little unusual at play here. You can also “slowly” sip this mouthwash for an extremely dry throat. You should, however, clear this with a medical professional first.

What’s it taste like? It’s lightly minty – not overpowering.

Will it break the bank? For a two-pack, you’ll pay a little less than $15. It works out to less than 50 cents an ounce. There are other options available (all the way up to a 12 pack), but you’ll pay roughly the same, no matter how many you order.

Available on Subscribe and Save or Prime Pantry? If only. We would have loved that.

Best Mouthwash for Bad Breath and Halitosis

Best Mouthwash for Bad Breath and Halitosis: TheraBreath Icy Mint Oral Rinse

2. TheraBreath Icy Mint Oral Rinse

Editor Score: 88%

User Score: 95%

Why People Love it

  • Refreshingly clean taste
  • Lasts for hours
  • Effective without irritating your mouth


This is far and away the best mouthwash for bad breath – well, for destroying it anyhow. It neutralizes the sulfur-producing bacteria that causes morning breath and nasty food smells. It works fast and is doctor recommended.  


This may be the best mouthwash for bad breath, but it tastes rather awful. That, and it can alter the taste of food and drink after using it.


You’ll battle to find something you don’t like about this mouthwash, especially if you struggle with bad breath. It’s an Amazon Best Seller for a reason. It’s also alcohol-free and doesn’t have any artificial flavors or colors. In case you’re wondering, this mouthwash is certified vegan and kosher, not to mention gluten-free. More importantly, it works brilliantly. Keep reading to find out exactly how it does just that.

What does it claim to do? The label on this bottle says it destroys bad breath and food odors. It’s also said to alleviate symptoms of dry mouth.

Does it do it? As far as the bad breath goes, you won’t want for anything – at least not as far as most users are concerned. The dry mouth is a little more touch and go, but not bad.

Is it good at anything else? You can expect anything with this much bad-breath-fighting strength to kill off other types of nasty bacteria that have nothing to do with bad breath.

Who’s it for? Most children don’t have bad breath, and you’ll have no reason to give this to them. And, let’s be honest, if you don’t battle bad breath regularly, you probably have no reason to invest in this either.

What’s inside the bottle? The active ingredient in TheraBreath products is OXYD-8TM. That won’t make any sense to most users. All you need to know is that it prevents anaerobic bacteria from creating odorous sulfide in your mouth.

Recommended usage? You’ll find instructions on the packaging. But, for simplicity’s sake, we’ll tell you that you’re meant to rinse with this twice a day after brushing your teeth. The formula works for about 12 hours in your mouth.

What’s it taste like? It’s minty, and there are those that can’t stand the actual flavor. But, it’s not designed to be overpowering.

Will it break the bank? For $15, you’ll get two bottles each with 16 ounces of antibacterial mouthwash. That’s less than 50 cents per ounce. And, if you have halitosis, you will understand that it’s worth it.

Available on Subscribe and Save or Prime Pantry? You can put this on your Subscribe and Save list for Amazon discounts. We support that!

Best Overall Mouthwash

Best Overall Mouthwash: ACT Cool Splash Mint Mouthwash

1. ACT Cool Splash Mint Mouthwash

Editor Score: 92%

User Score: 97%

Why People Love it

  • Recommended by dentists
  • Expect stronger, more polished surface enamel (no more soft spots)
  • Fights gingivitis and bad breath


This minty mouthwash does a lot more than simply fight bad breath. It actively works to restore minerals to soft spots. Plus, the added strength prevents tooth decay.


Sadly this mouthwash isn’t approved by the ADA. It also contains alcohol.


This is clearly the best mouthwash to have when you’re serious about dental care – even if it doesn't carry a little sticker with ADA endorsement. The formula is meant to strengthen tooth enamel, and it does that well, by most accounts.

If you’re expecting miracles from this Sodium Fluoride formula, you should probably consider adjusting your expectations. But, if you expect positive results after continued usage, you’ve come to the right place. And, although the big push isn’t on breath, you should expect minty freshness.

The only thing we would change if we could has nothing to do with the mouthwash itself. We’d love to see it on the Subscribe and Save or Prime Pantry lists. But, maybe one day soon...

What does it claim to do? This mouthwash claims to strengthen tooth enamel. It also says it can reduce cavities up to 70 percent more than simply brushing with a fluoride toothpaste.

Does it do it? Most users report a reduction in noticeable soft spots. That’s a good thing. But, let’s be real; it’s not going to ever deposit enough minerals to fill real holes. If you have those, you will need to get to the dentist.

Is it good at anything else? It doesn’t do a bad job of fighting bad breath. That’s a bonus most people seriously appreciate.

Who’s it for? Adults looking to fight cavities will enjoy having this in their bathroom. It’s far too strong for kids, though.

What’s inside the bottle? Fluoride is the work horse in this bottle; there is some variation between bottle sizes, so you'll want to make sure you know what you're getting. The smaller bottle is the one with the greater fluoride composition. 

Recommended usage? Use it once a day after brushing your teeth. Some dentists recommend using it just before bed for a little extra push. (However, if you opt for the larger bottle, you can use it twice as the fluoride content is reduced.) Want to know more about what's inside particular mouthwash before buying? You can see what the people over at Livestrong have to say, though you'll find a more comprehensive breakdown of ingredients at Just4Teeth.com. 

What’s it taste like? This is the sort of standard, minty flavor you’ve come to expect from a mouthwash.

Will it break the bank? You’ll pay about $25 for a pack of four bottles. Each bottle holds 18 ounces, so the cost per ounce is less than 40 cents. That’s not bad at all – especially if, like most users, you gain all the benefits you expect.

Available on Subscribe and Save or Prime Pantry? Sadly, no. And that’s one of the biggest downfalls. You’ll need to pay close attention to when you’re close to the end of your last bottle.

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