10 Best Messenger Bags for Men

10 Best Messenger Bags for Men

No one wants to be that guy – you know the one I'm talking about. The one wearing a shoulder man bag that looks far too much like a purse.

Let Me Explain:

According to The Telegraph, the best messenger bags for men should be worn high and across the body. Not only does this eliminate a lot of the association with purses, it also says you’re a man of action!

And, MarketWatch states, “In 2014, men's bags sales rose 35%.” That means guys are buying. And, you should have one.

Why Messenger Bags Are So Popular

Part of the reason is the convenience, but shoulder bags for men have a new place in the world where they’re office friendly and downtown casual. 

If you're thinking about purchasing a man purse but don't want to come across as a feminine dweeb, these top men's messenger bag should set your ego at ease. Well, that and our week of research spent looking at every possible messenger bag for men on the market.

We think you’re going to love these best messenger bags for men.

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Our editors independently research, test, and recommmend the best products; you can learn more about our review process here. We may receive commissions on purchases made from our chosen links.

10 Best Messenger Bags for Men

  • 10. Kenneth Cole Risky Business Messenger Bag
  • 9. Samsonite Colombian Leather Flap-Over Laptop Case
  • 8. High Sierra Tank Messenger Bag
  • 7. CaseCrown Vertical Mobile Messenger Bag
  • 6. Diaper Dude's Heavy Duty Messenger Bag
  • 5. Eco-Friendly Canvas Messenger Bag
  • 4. Langforth Leather Vintage Canvas Laptop Bag
  • 3. Fossil Men's Defender Portfolio Brief Workbag Messenger Bag
  • 2. Ibagbar Men's Vintage Canvas Shoulder Everyday Bag
  • 1. Le Donne Leather Multi Pocket Mens Bag

Best Messenger Bag to Take To Work


Kenneth Cole Risky Business Messenger Bag

Best Messenger Bag to Take To Work: Kenneth Cole Risky Business Messenger Bag
1,345 Bought
86 % Editor Score
80 % User Score

Why People Love it

  • High-quality materials (and final product)
  • Perfect for everyday use
  • Comfortable to carry

This bag looks stylish no matter what you're wearing and it’s not terribly huge, so it won’t feel as though you’re overburdened with stuff. It’s also (surprisingly) affordable.

Watch out for the leather on the first few days out with this. The dye may bleed a little (which means you should buff it out before use).

If you’re looking for affordable sophistication, this is the leather messenger bag for men that you want. It’s perfect for taking to the office (though truly, you shouldn’t schlep your laptop back and forth every day – unless it’s how you watch movies in the evening). The strap is long and the carry handle is perfectly positioned. We love the way the leather feels and the amount of stuff you can get into this bag. The price is rather good (considering), but we do wish there was a way to close this fully.

What’s it made of? Ohhh the leather on this bag is just so lovely. We know you’ll want to snuggle with it, but you shouldn’t; at least, not at first. The leather dye can stain a bit until it’s been worn in. And the lining is polyester, in case you were wondering.

Can you close it fully? Not really. Sorry. We would have loved it if you could, but the front flap is the closure and that’s all you get. Of course, you will find an inner zipper pocket to help keep a few of your belongings secure.

What’s the largest laptop or tablet it can hold? The bag is 16” wide and 12” tall, so you can fit a fairly large laptop inside. And there are phone and front gusset pockets to help organize your smaller stuff.

Can you wash it? It’s leather, please be sensible about how you treat it… even if you aren’t paying a fortune for it. Leather cream or wash is the only advisable option.

Will it break the bank? Depending on the color you choose, you’ll pay somewhere between $80 and $120. That’s pretty stellar considering the list price sits at $300. And, let’s face it, the name alone might be worth the amount you pay.

Best Messenger Bag for Laptops


Samsonite Colombian Leather Flap-Over Laptop Case

Best Messenger Bag for Laptops: Samsonite Colombian Leather Flap-Over Laptop Case
1,438 Bought
88 % Editor Score
82 % User Score

Why People Love it

  • High-quality, well-made
  • Plenty of space for all your goodies
  • Stylish design (and soft leather)

This bag is polished enough for the office and casual enough to take around town afterward. The soft leather combined with the adjustable buckle straps are enough to sway most guys, and the Samsonite name should seal the deal.

You need to jump through a few hoops to open and close this bag properly. For some guys, it’s just too much effort. Additionally, the leather isn’t exactly colorfastm so watch to be sure it doesn't rub off on light colored pants.

Perfect if you need a high-end laptop bag that doesn't look like you're carrying your computer all over town. You simply will not go wrong with a leather Samsonite bag, no matter how you use it. These babies are made from high-quality materials and impeccable stitching. This particular leather messenger bag for men features an organizer under the front flap and plenty of room for files and a computer. If it needs to be stylish, you need to consider this laptop case (especially when it sells for under $100).

What’s it made of? Oh-so-soft and gorgeous Colombian leather; you’re going to fall in love. The strap, however, is canvas.

Can you close it fully? One of the crazy things about this bag is that you go through a few steps to open and close the bag. The closures used help it to maintain its shape, but it can be a bit of a hassle. The front flap covers an open pocket (with room for pens and the like). The main compartment has a zip closure.

What’s the largest laptop or tablet it can hold? The bag itself is 16.5” wide and 12” tall; it can fit a laptop sized up to 15.6”. That’s not bad at all. And, the truth is that you can expect to store a few files, accessories, and all the things you need like your wallet and phone.

Can you wash it? Don’t be silly; this is real leather. You can buff it if you need. And, we’d actually recommend that you do that before using this bag; the leather stain is a bit strong.

Will it break the bank? Considering the bag you get for just over $100, it’s a steal. For the leather and the brand, you really are getting stellar value. That said, some guys have a difficult time justifying the spend for a messenger bag.

What Reviewers Say: No matter what they're using it for, men tend to love this bag - and they're not afraid to talk about it: 

  • I like the construction. The handle at the top looks well made and all the compartments are padded. That's a plus. The leather feels nice and I think it will age very nicely.
  • I'll be honest, and I'm shamed to admit it, but I spent days looking for a decent laptop/work bag that met the style/value/functionality paradigm I needed. I knew I'd be using the bag both in and outside of work so I didn't want something that looked polished and crisp, but I also didn't want something made of nylon with plastic clips and velcro. I feel that this Samsonite bag fits the bill for everything I wanted. The leather has a very soft touch and deep brown color. There is plenty of room on the inside to carry 2 or 3 books along with a laptop and some cables. There are two zippered compartments, which I like, so that when the flap is open people can't see everything your lugging around. The hardware is heavy duty antiqued brass and has a solid feel. The strap seems fine, but I'll be looking at replacing the pad since it doesn't offer much padding, especially when you have the bag loaded up. If you're looking for a professional looking bag that looks good with either a suit or a pair of jeans, buy this.
  • I couldn't decide between 2 very similar bags on Amazon, so I ordered both: the Kenneth Cole Reaction Luggage Show Business ($123.99) and the Samsonite Columbian Leather Flapover Case ($139.99). It took me about 5 seconds to decide that I preferred this one. To me, the $16 difference is negligible. In terms of size and pockets, both are about the same.

Best Messenger Bag to Take to the Gym


High Sierra Tank Messenger Bag

Best Messenger Bag to Take to the Gym: High Sierra Tank Messenger Bag
863 Bought
88 % Editor Score
84 % User Score

Why People Love it

  • Plenty of room to hold all that gear
  • Sturdy construction
  • Remarkably inexpensive

This useful messenger bag has an adjustable flap with quick-release buckles (hook and loop closure).  You’ll be able to travel with a lot of stuff when you’re carrying this bag; think biking, flying, or walking.

Most users don’t experience any problems with construction, but there are some that do so watch out. Also, this bag may be bigger than expected.

This simple canvas bag isn't going to win any style awards, but it will keep an enormous amount of your belongings dry and organized. It's a super casual bag from High Sierra, offering convenience for the right price (as long as it's on sale). It's big enough to fit a larger laptop plus accessories (and has a cell phone pocket). It's perfect to tuck into your trunk as a spare gym bag - or to take as an overnight carry-on. True, it is a "younger" man's bag, but we think you can pull it off at any age.

What’s it made of? This is a polyester bag. That means it’s versatile, even if it isn’t super stylish.

Can you close it fully? There are some closures at the bottom of the flap which cover an open pocket. But, there is a main compartment that closes with a zipper. You’ll want to do a quick sweep of your gym locker if you store it vertically.

What’s the largest laptop or tablet it can hold? This is a big messenger bag; it measures 18”x13.5”x7”. If your computer is bigger, we can’t imagine that you’re carrying it around in a messenger bag. You may be interested to know there is a padded pocket; the need for a sleeve is dependent on the size of your tech. There’s a separate phone pocket and loads of room for gym shoes, water bottles, and more.

Can you wash it? You might be able to get away with tossing it in the machine on the gentle cycle (and air drying it). But, you won’t want to do it too often; the bag isn’t that strong.

Will it break the bank? No! This giant messenger bag sells for less than $20 if you get it in plain black. If you want some color or you opt for a patterned bag, you will pay more. It’s just that you don’t have to.

What Reviewers Say: This is one of those products that truly qualifies as unisex so there are a few more gals than guys reviewing this item. If you want to be certain you're getting a guys opinion, there are plenty to choose:

  • I love my bag! It's a lot larger than I thought it was going to be, which is good. I was afraid it would be too small. In fact, even using my ruler to estimate it's size from the information on the page didn't prepare me for how roomy it is. The sewing is really nice. I see no rips or tears, the material is tough and strong, very durable which I like a lot. The bag feels like it could handle a large, heavy load and I need that.
  • To date, I have not noticed a single frayed strap, or loose sting on this bag, and I am almost half way through my second semester using it. The bag is large enough for my 15 inch laptop, and 2 large textbooks. The shoulder strap pad is quite comfortable, and has a slight contour to fit on your shoulder next to your neck nicely. There are two velcro pouches that are large enough to hold many pencils and pens standing upright, and the main portion of the bag is separated into two sections, one with a zipper and another that is open. Even though part of the bag is open, when the flap is down and buckled I have not lost anything that I keep in the pouch.
  • Great price for such a big bag! Love it...lots of pockets to hold all my stuff!

Best Messenger Bag for Just the Essentials


CaseCrown Vertical Mobile Messenger Bag

Best Messenger Bag for Just the Essentials: CaseCrown Vertical Mobile Messenger Bag
1,341 Bought
88 % Editor Score
86 % User Score

Why People Love it

  • Comfortable to carry
  • Excellent quality construction
  • Plenty of pockets for storage

This messenger bag is lightweight and easy to tote around. The durable canvas bag has an adjustable shoulder strap and there are plenty of options to choose between – from color to orientation.

These bags are designed to fit specific tablets; you’ll need to buy the bag you need according to the gadgets you have. If you need to carry a lot of gear, investing in a sleeve and a larger messenger bag is probably a better idea.

This isn't the largest bag, as it's designed to hold a Microsoft Surface Pro, but it's definitely one of the most stylish. The multiple front, back, interior, side, and flap pockets close with a combination of velcro and zipper closures. This is great for guys who live a minimalist life and love it. And, with all the options available, it’s difficult not to fall in love with this messenger bag. This bag is simple in design, yet ever so good looking. It features secure pockets and is made from super durable construction. Unless you need a bigger bag (to fit your laptop or gym clothes), this is certainly a bag to consider.

What’s it made of? Given the price, it shouldn’t surprise you that this is a canvas messenger bag.

Can you close it fully? The flap closes via velcro, but there are also zippers to make sure that everything stays in its place.

What’s the largest laptop or tablet it can hold? This particular model is designed to hold a Microsoft Surface Pro. You can get similar bags designed for other tablets. There is interior padding to keep your tech safe, but you will struggle to put a lot of extra stuff into this bag. Everything feels rather compact.

Can you wash it? This is another of those wipe-with-a-damp-cloth bags. If you’re worried about keeping this messenger bag clean, pick one of the darker colors.

Will it break the bank? Wow! Just $30? It’s a good price for a great-quality bag. We love, love, love it. You may pay a little more for bags that fit other tablets, but not that much.

What Reviewers Say: Reviewers with Surface Pro tablets (for which this bag was designed) absolutely rave about this product. And, it's not difficult to understand why.

  • I was on a long search for bag to hold my surface pro securely. I tried several and returned many but found this bag fit the surface pro and its accessories really well. I have a type cover, touch mouse, displayport-to-vga adapter, and power supply. They all fit with extra room for my calculator, pens, eye glasses + cover, wallet, keys, name tag, and cellphone.
  • This is a great sturdy bag that keeps my tablet and peripherals protected and has lots of extra space.
  • Great messenger bag for my Surface Pro! Tons of pockets for everything else! I also use it for my iPad and sometimes my netbook. I've been using this bag for 4-5 months now and haven't had any issues or found any visible wear and tear. This bag looks great and an awesome choice for your minimalistic lifestyle.

Best Messenger Bag that Doubles as a Diaper Bag


Diaper Dude's Heavy Duty Messenger Bag

Best Messenger Bag that Doubles as a Diaper Bag: Diaper Dude's Heavy Duty Messenger Bag
742 Bought
88 % Editor Score
88 % User Score

Why People Love it

  • Makes a great gift
  • Excellent for (new) dads
  • Room for everything a parent needs

You get plenty of pockets and plenty of space with this messenger/diaper bag. It really holds a lot of gear and it’s made of breathable fabric for long days away from home.

The screen printed dad’s checklist on the inside of the front flap may be a little insulting for guys who know what they’re doing. (And if they need a stylish diaper, erm messenger, bag to tote around with baby… they know what they’re doing.)

Fathers can still be fashionable, with this diaper dude messenger bag, designed to lug around diapers, bottles, and wipes for their little ones. The wide strap is adjustable, it includes a padded changing mat, an insulated bottle holder, and has breathable mesh padding for extra comfort. This is the Diaper Dude's newest cool sack for sporty dads. The Messenger II is made of durable polyester fabric and has loads of features. Better still? This bag is available with pinstripes. Who doesn't love that?

What’s it made of? As you would expect with most parental accessories, this one is made of durable polyester fabric. There is some breathable padding inside too.

Can you close it fully? Closures are all velcro, which is quick and easy when you need all the hands you can get. But, it does mean that you don’t want to be swinging this bag around. And, you may (occasionally) want to check that nothing has fallen in the trunk of your car.

What’s the largest laptop or tablet it can hold? This messenger bag wasn’t explicitly designed to lug tech around. But, users don’t seem to have any problems adding their iPads to the mix of things stored inside. That’s because there are separate compartments for dad and baby; each one has a mesh pocket to store whatever you want (from diapers to phones). And, yes, there is an insulated bottle holder, plus you get a padded changing mat too.

Can you wash it? The fabric is stain resistant. And while not waterproof, the exterior does repel water. That helps with keeping things clean so the bag doesn’t need more than a wipe with a damp cloth.

Will it break the bank? You get a lot of bag and features for $100 (or thereabouts), but it isn’t the cheapest diaper or messenger bag you can get. When you can pick it up for less than $85, it's a good deal. As long as dad keeps this packed appropriately, it’ll get a lot of use… even after baby grows.

What Reviewers Say: Dads love this bag (and their women like to see them with it). Here's what they have to say about it:

  • This is a great bag! We used to use an open top bag that can be carried only using the handle, it was bulging with my little daughter's stuff. When we got the diaper dude bag and moved all the things to it, I thought something must be wrong because it felt really empty even with everything in it.
  • Excellent diaper bag! We have flown several times since our little dude was born and this has been perfect. Even when we stuff it full of items, it still fits easily underneath the seat on the plane. We are able to fit 6-8 diapers, a change of clothes, a bib, several toys, a changing pad, a package of wipes, diaper cream, my iPad, my Kindle, my wallet, my phone, pacifiers, nail clippers, burp rags, plus a few other odds and ends. I love that it has several pockets to separate everything. I also like that it has a zipper top. Many diaper bags just have a flap without a zipper. It's been comfortable to carry around the airport as well. I would definitely recommend this product.
  • Nice baby bag for a guy - I like the reminder tips it gives them on the inside flap (last one says to not forget the baby which is pretty funny).


Best Messenger Bag for Guys That Care about the Environment


Eco-Friendly Canvas Messenger Bag

Best Messenger Bag for Guys That Care about the Environment: Eco-Friendly Canvas Messenger Bag
1,299 Bought
90 % Editor Score
90 % User Score

Why People Love it

  • Loads of room and plenty o’ pockets
  • Sturdy and easy to use
  • Great quality

Made from all-natural cotton canvas in such a way as to leave the smallest possible carbon footprint, this laptop messenger bag has a padded compartment for your laptop. And it’s a lot more than eco-friendly; it’s big enough to get you through the busiest days.

There are some complaints about the placement of the carry handle; it just doesn’t balance nicely. And, there aren’t a lot of small pockets which means some of your gear may get jumbled.  

In addition to the small carbon footprint attached to this messenger bag, you also get a reasonable price tag. This is one of the larger messenger bags on the market and can fit laptops as large as 17”. That’s impressive on its own, but you’ll still fit more into your bag. But, don’t be tempted to overload it too often or it will create too much strain on the stitching. Still, if you have a lot to carry, you should definitely check out this bag.

What’s it made of? The cotton canvas is produced in such a way as to cause as little environmental stress as possible. Some guys may say, “It’s just a bag!” Others think it’s a big deal.

Can you close it fully? Nope. This is a classical-styled messenger bag, so the flap keeps everything inside as long as it’s upright or flat on its back. The latches are sturdy and you shouldn’t expect your bag to simply fly open. However, that doesn’t mean you’ll have a difficult time getting this awesome bag open.

What’s the largest laptop or tablet it can hold? As long as your computer is smaller than 17” (yes, 17”), you can fit it in this messenger bag. Some guys report getting their laptop as well as a few college textbooks inside. That says something. And, there are lots of pockets and sections so you can keep items separate. That said, you may be interested to know that there aren’t many smaller pockets for wires, a cordless mous, an extra phone, or whatever else you may lug about during the day.

Can you wash it? You could potentially stick this in the washing machine on a cold, gentle cycle. Now, you will do that at your own risk, because it’s probably not recommended. But, there’s nothing in the construction that really prohibits it.

Will it break the bank? The MSRP is the price you’ll pay… and it won’t be a lot. Expect to fork over less than $35. Isn’t that amazing?

Best Messenger Bag for Taking to Meetings


Langforth Leather Vintage Canvas Laptop Bag

Best Messenger Bag for Taking to Meetings: Langforth Leather Vintage Canvas Laptop Bag
1,769 Bought
92 % Editor Score
92 % User Score

Why People Love it

  • High-quality materials and construction
  • Great price for a stylish bag
  • Functional and versatile

This Langforth messenger bag features a wider-than-usual shoulder strap to eliminate shoulder fatigue. It’s a durable bag constructed with carrier comfort in mind – not to mention the super sexy retro styles.

This bag is a little smaller than some users expect, so check the specs carefully. Occasionally, buyers report the leather arriving scratched, so make sure to order with plenty of time for returns!

This is one smart and sassy laptop bag for men. As with anything, though, there are some pros and some cons. On the plus side, you can get a 14” laptop into this puppy (and perhaps squeeze an extra inch in there if necessary) and still have room for plenty of extras. However, this isn’t a bag for taking on busy public transport or throwing over your shoulder while you ride your bike; that’s because it doesn’t close completely. But, once you get your hands on the leather flap, you might just forget about all of that. It'll make a serious statement at your next meeting - and you won't pay all that much to get it.  

What’s it made of? You get a mix of rugged canvas and cowhide leather here. The leather is thick and feels wonderfully strong. Sadly, the canvas isn’t water resistant, so take shelter if begins to pour! 

Can you close it fully? Not really, so be careful! There’s a back pocket that’s rather exposed. The flap covers the main compartment, but there isn’t an additional zipper to keep stuff from falling out. Also, the buckles are merely decorative; the flap closes magnetically. There’s a single zipper pocket for super valuables (though it's not very large).

What’s the largest laptop or tablet it can hold? This particular model was designed to hold a 14” laptop. Some users report getting their 15” computers into it without hassle, but it’s not going to hold every 15” laptop, so be careful. There are two inner and two outer pockets for keeping everything organized and you can fit a fair amount in. But, be warned; some guys are surprised at the compact size.

Can you wash it? Not really. You can use a leather cleaning solution and a damp cloth. But, it won’t show dirt quickly.

Will it break the bank? You’ll be surprised at the quality you get for the money you pay. Though the MSRP is $120, you should be able to score this bag for under $50. And it’s worth every penny!

Best Messenger Bag for Guys to Splurge on


Fossil Men's Defender Portfolio Brief Workbag Messenger Bag

Best Messenger Bag for Guys to Splurge on: Fossil Men's Defender Portfolio Brief Workbag Messenger Bag
2,032 Bought
94 % Editor Score
95 % User Score

Why People Love it

  • The gorgeous leather is super soft
  • Looks super stylish with whatever you wear
  • Well-made; you can feel the quality here

Featuring a back grab handle and an adjustable cross-body strap, you can fit a lot in this bag… with room to spare. In fact, you can even tuck a laptop into this super soft leather bag. (It’s okay if you sigh with joy.)

This isn’t cheap. And, for what you pay, you might expect the strap to be a bit more sturdy.

Need a strong and stylish leather messenger bag? You just found it. This is easily one of the best looking messenger bags available on the market - and it has the Fossil name behind it. With solid construction and the ability to handle laptops, you want this bag. Whether you can afford it may be another story. 

What’s it made of? This gorgeous (we’re not going to stop saying it) messenger bag is made from 100 percent genuine leather.

Can you close it fully? Two push-lock straps close the front flap which extends over the top from the back of the bag. As for the buckles, they’re just decorative.

What’s the largest laptop or tablet it can hold? You can fit a full 15” computer into this bag; it’s not what you would call small. Inside, there is one interior zip pocket and four slip pockets. There are three, small, exterior pockets. And all this means, you can use this to carry everything you need.

Can you wash it? Damp cloth only. If you feel the urge to massage this bag with leather oil (it is that beautiful), be careful not to stain your clothes.

Will it break the bank? Eeeek! It’s $300! Yes, it will fit into some budgets, but not all. Basically, you need to be committed to this purchase – or willing to follow your heart’s strong desire for this baby.

What Reviewers Say: Huge numbers of Amazon reviewers give this bag 5 stars. Why not? It's the sort of thing you drool over. Here's what they have to say: 

  • Bought this bag last week and couldn't wait to take it to work with me. It's handsome and well made, as the leather is incredibly soft and supple. It turned heads, and it looks good with whatever you wanna wear, jeans or a suit. Here's the crazy part. Big enough to hold my 13" Macbook, iPad Air, iPhone, notebook, wallet, headphones, aviators, umbrella (collapsible of course but it has a hooked wooden handle), keys, folder for work, pens, external hard drive, a small book, and my Macbook charger! I haven't even used the large back packet, the generous front pocket, or the two side pockets. Ridiculously well designed for a bag that isn't huge or clunky at all. The leather is sooo premium; super soft and comfortable. Would buy again and again. I can't recommend it enough.
  • This bag was exactly what I was looking for. It's stylish and sleek. The leather is much softer than the image makes it look. I was afraid it'd be as stiff as a briefcase, but it's softer and thinner than I was expecting. Great purchase!
  • Absolutely superb messenger bag. Comfortably fits regular gear, Dell XPS 13 Ultrabook (2015) & iPad Air 2. Leather is gorgeous, and the bag turns heads. Will last years and years due to fantastic build quality. This is the first leather bag purchase for me, and I am not looking back.

Best Messenger Bag for Every Day Use


Ibagbar Men's Vintage Canvas Shoulder Everyday Bag

Best Messenger Bag for Every Day Use: Ibagbar Men's Vintage Canvas Shoulder Everyday Bag
1,764 Bought
94 % Editor Score
96 % User Score

Why People Love it

  • Holds an amazing amount of stuff (given the size)
  • Handy for traveling
  • Functional for day-to-day use

This is a remarkably durable shoulder bag, even though it’s on the small side. The front flap closes with velcro, and there are plenty of pockets for keeping everything organized. And, there’s a one-year warranty on it too.

This bag is a little smaller than the images on Amazon would have you believe. If you have an iPad you intend to fit in this bag, make sure you check the measurements of the bag before purchasing.

Not everyone needs a lot of stuff. If you're one of these guys, this might be the perfect bag for you. It's definitely compact but just large enough to still be manly. With the rave reviews this bag has been getting on Amazon, it's sure to be a hit with you too. This compact messenger bag is stylish... and doesn't have many negative Amazon reviews. Given the size of the bag itself, the main pocket is remarkably spacious. You can fit a lot more in than you think when you receive it. You do, however, need to pay attention to the size specs if plan to tote your tablets around with you. Good news, though, it's available in brown, black, and khaki. 

What’s it made of? The body of the bag is made from high-density cotton canvas. The zips and accents are PU leather. But don’t let that get you down; this is a very sturdy bag.

Can you close it fully? The front flap closes with velcro, but everything else is zip, zip, zip. And, we rather love the flexibility of the flap.

What’s the largest laptop or tablet it can hold? Be careful here. This will fit a 10” tablet rather perfectly, but it will not do anything larger. That said, there are nine pockets in total. That includes seven zipped pockets and two external side pockets without zippers. There are also card and pen slots, plus a ring you can clip your keys too. See, it’s all about staying organized.

Can you wash it? This is a hand wash only bag and you’ll need to avoid using hot water. Once clean, hang it to dry indoors as sun exposure will fade the canvas. Actually, the manufacturer has a lot to say about cleaning, so you may want to check that out before giving it a go.

Will it break the bank? Nope. Not even close. The MSRP is $30, but you can score it for less. That’s not bad considering it lasts for such a long time.

What Reviewers Say: Most reviewers give this 5 stars and there aren't many reviews that rate this item with less than 4 stars. Here's what users have to say about it:

  • I love this bag! It was exactly what I expected, although it was a pleasant surprise to see how spacious the main pocket was. I was very impressed by that.
  • This was the perfect gift for any guy, he'll be thrilled with it. Besides that, he can fit all kinds of other things in it too. It's a very masculine looking bag and any guy would be very comfortable using it.
  • Very nice looking and well-designed bag. Exactly what I was looking for.

Best Overall Messenger Bag for Men


Le Donne Leather Multi Pocket Mens Bag

Best Overall Messenger Bag for Men: Le Donne Leather Multi Pocket Mens Bag
6,164 Bought
96 % Editor Score
98 % User Score

Why People Love it

  • High-quality leather
  • Plenty of room and pockets
  • Makes a great gift

This messenger bag doesn’t look at all like a girly purse. It might, however, be mistaken for a camera gear bag. In addition to the two inner compartments, the adjustable strap has a minimum drop of 22 inches.

Unfortunately, the strap is sewn into the bag (although only at one end). This makes replacing the strap impossible; well, at least more expensive than replacing the bag itself.

This leather messenger bag for men is a perfect size for a man bag - and doesn't look like the same one everyone else has. It works for guys that have some stuff… but not that much. You know, the efficient sort of folk that are always prepared. There are a lot of clear bonuses with this bag from the sturdy soft leather construction and 3 exterior zip pockets to the fact that you get to choose between three shades of leather.

And, not only will the Amazon reviews make you fall in love with this bag, but it gets seriously positive reviews on eBags too. No matter where you look, people are falling in love with this unconventional messenger bag. 

What’s it made of? This is one of those genuine leather bags - made from Colombian cowhide at that. And, we have to love that (especially as it still sells for less than $100).

Can you close it fully? All of the exterior pockets zip closed. No more scrambling after the cables that fell out of your bag as you peddle to work.

What’s the largest laptop or tablet it can hold? This isn’t big enough for a shiny new Mac. Sorry. It will, however, fit tablets up to 10.5” by 7.5”. Along with that, there is a lot of space for keys, phones (unless you’re rocking a 1992-sized cell phone – we’re not here to judge), wallets, and all the other little bits you carry around with you.

Can you wash it? You can wipe it with a damp cloth to clean it. But you really can’t throw it in the machine…because it’s leather.

Will it break the bank? The MSRP sits at $135. You, however, will not pay that. You’ll pay somewhere under $80. And, that’s a steal for the quality you get.

What Reviewers Say: You won't be uncertain about this bag when you read what reviewers have to say about it. Seriously.

  • As a hospital doctor who refuses to wear disgusting lab coats which spread bacteria to all my patients, I need something to carry all my gear. I've been through about five or so bags over the years, and this is, by far, the best one.... It doesn't look like a girly purse. It looks more like a camera or gear bag. I'm not vane, but I don't want to look like a woman either.
  • Truly excellent, top of the line quality bag. I'm concerned that I'll lose it, so I'm going to order another just in case. I repeat: EXCELLENT!
  • I use this bag every day and I get tons of compliments on it. It has pockets for everything I carry: Kindle, iPhone, wallet, keys, checkbook, etc. I bought a shoulder pad for the strap and it goes with me everywhere. It is not feminine at all--looks a little like a camera bag--the leather is beautiful and it's not very heavy. I would buy it again in a minute.

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