8 Best Yoga Shorts for Men

8 Best Yoga Shorts for Men

It's true, guys just don't look as good in yoga pants as ladies do. For men, yoga shorts are a much better alternative. Men's yoga shorts are comfortable, loose, and flowing.

Here's the deal:

Although yogawear has evolved into everydaywear, we must not forget why men's yoga shorts were created in the first place - of course, for guys to practice yoga. Despite what you may think, yoga isn't just for women.

In fact, the health benefits of yoga are pretty impressive. Not only will yoga help you build muscle strength and increase flexibility, but it will also improve your mental health. According to the Journal of Behavioral Health Services and Research, yoga can decrease anxiety, and overall, make you a happier person. 

The good news is:

Whether you’re looking for a pair of shorts to wear to the studio, or for lounging, deciding on the perfect pair can be dreadful. In order to make your life easier we at Faveable have done the research for you. We spent hours researching and reading reviews from guys just like you in order to create a list of the best yoga shorts for men. 



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