6 Best Men's Wedding Bands

6 Best Men's Wedding Bands

Tying the knot? If so, that probably means you're on the hunt for a men's wedding band. And, you probably want one that is just as cool as you are.

But perhaps a plain gold band just doesn't suit you. Well the good news is, the days of simple wedding bands are over.

Rocking an unconventional wedding band is a new trend that's gaining a lot of attention, especially among celebrities. Even Jason Aldean decided to switch it up and go for a wedding band engraved with baseball stiching.

However, assuming you're not a regular jewelry-wearer (let's be honest, most guys aren't), finding a ring you will wear for decades can be tough.

The good news is:

To help narrow your selection, we've created a list of the best men's wedding bands. We spent hours researching and talking to guys just like yourself to find the coolest and toughest bands out there. Trust us, the ones that made our list are so sexy, you won't want to take them off. 

Our list is sure to have something you'll love. 

Our editors independently research, test, and recommmend the best products; you can learn more about our review process here. We may receive commissions on purchases made from our chosen links.

6 Best Men's Wedding Bands

  • 6. Jaeger Rasied Center Black Zirconium Ring Real Tree Camo Inlay by Lashbrook Designs
  • 5. King Will Tungsten Men's Wedding Band
  • 4. Grooved 18K Gold Ring
  • 3. Huntington Domed Titanium Ring with Heritage Brown Wood Inlay by Lashbrook Designs
  • 2. 14kt White Gold Raised Center Design Mens Wedding Band From the Classic Collection by Scott Kay
  • 1. Doyle Black Titanium Ring with Raised Satin Center by Benchmark

Best Unique Men's Wedding Band


Jaeger Rasied Center Black Zirconium Ring Real Tree Camo Inlay by Lashbrook Designs

Best Unique Men's Wedding Band: Jaeger Rasied Center Black Zirconium Ring Real Tree Camo Inlay by Lashbrook Designs
77 % Editor Score
80 % User Score

Why People Love it

  • Black band with camo make this super masculine
  • Extremely durable and relatively lightweight
  • Makes you stand out from your buddies

This camo wedding band is the definition of masculine ruggedness, making it perfect for the hunter or sportsman who isn't afraid to be unconventional. And, it can be custom-made with text, fingerprint, or handwriting. 

Zirconium bands are very scratch resistant, but if you do manage to scratch the camo portion of this band it will show and need replacing.

Material: The Jaeger Camo wedding band is made from extremely durable zirconium. And by extremely durable we mean, it's shatterproof. But not worry, it can be cut off the finger in case of an emergency. If you've heard of zirconium but aren't quite sure how it measures up to other metals, we've done a little research for you. Zirconium is a greyish-white metal that is very, very similar to titanium. However, this band is jet black in color. Zirconium is lighter than steel and its hardness is similar to copper. Also, there are no traces of nickel, so you won't be left with any green marks on your finger. The camo portion is made of aluminum and can be scratched, so some precaution is needed. 

Design: Lets face it, this is a pretty awesome wedding band. Especially if you are a guy that loves the outdoors. The design of this band has a raised camo center and polished edges. It's total size is 9mm and the camo portion is 5mm. The authentic Real Tree camo design is exceptionally masculine and one of a kind. And, it can be custom-made with text, fingerprint, or handwriting. 

Price: For such a unique band that will make you stand out from the guys, this price is a steal. 

Best Cheap Men's Wedding Band


King Will Tungsten Men's Wedding Band

Best Cheap Men's Wedding Band: King Will Tungsten Men's Wedding Band
683 Bought
96 % Editor Score
82 % User Score

Why People Love it

  • Perfect for men with active lifestyles
  • Holds up through day-to-day wear
  • Extremely comfortable - you won't even realize it's on

An inexpensive, comfortable, and briliiantly tough wedding band, ideal for adventurous guys who lose things. Or, any guy on a budget. 

Tungsten wedding bands are somewhat heavy - just a touch heavier than 14k gold.

Material: Tungsten is 4-times stronger than titanium, scratch-proof, and hypoallergenic. It is extremely durable, more durable than gold, palladium, silver or platinum but it can be brittle at times. This means that if enough pressure is applied to your tungsten wedding band, it will crack or break instead of bending like a gold or silver one.

Design: The King Will band is basically fit for a king. It's so comfortable you won't even realize its on. In fact, most guys prefer this band to expensive ones. It features a gunmetal gray, matte finish with a beveled edge and a brushed center. The width comes in one size, 6mm. 

Price: Although the price is cheap, this band doesn't feel cheap! It actually looks and feels like it costs hundreds of dollars. That's probably why it's the number one best-selling wedding band on Amazon. You get more than your money’s worth with the King Will, it will last forever and has everything you want in a men's wedding band.

Best Gold Men's Wedding Band


Grooved 18K Gold Ring

Best Gold Men's Wedding Band: Grooved 18K Gold Ring
85 % Editor Score
86 % User Score

Why People Love it

  • 14 karat gold
  • Classic and sleek design
  • Comes in three different widths

Gold never goes out of style. This ring is absolutely timeless.

Gold is not as scratch resistant as other metals, so it is at greater risk of getting scratched.

Material: This classic wedding band is made from solid 14-karat yellow gold. Pure gold is 24-karat but it is so soft it's rarely used in jewelry. You may be wondering why we didn't choose the 18-karat band as our favorite. Although an 18-karat gold band may be more luxurious, 14-karat is stronger. Making the 14-karat band more practical for all of you rugged men who are rough on your hands. 

Design: The design of this band is very traditional. But, just because it's simple doesn't mean it's not sleek. It features a flat polished finish and two bright grooves along both sides of the ring. The band pictured is a thinner 4mm wide, but it also comes in 6 or 8mm. 

Price: This gold band comes with a slightly high price tag. But for something that you will be wearing daily for years, you deserve to splurge a little. Plus, gold is always valuable.

Best Titanium Men's Wedding Band


Huntington Domed Titanium Ring with Heritage Brown Wood Inlay by Lashbrook Designs

Best Titanium Men's Wedding Band: Huntington Domed Titanium Ring with Heritage Brown Wood Inlay by Lashbrook Designs
87 % Editor Score
89 % User Score

Why People Love it

  • 100% hypoallergenic makes it safe for anyone to wear
  • More scratch resistant than gold, silver, or platinum
  • Hardest natural metal in the world

This is the perfect wedding band for the modern man or nature lover. 

The wood portion is actually made of wood and can be scratched. 

Material: Titanium is 3-times stronger than steel, and more scratch resistant than gold, silver, and platinum. The Huntington also features a stunning Heritage brown wood inlay that is made with real wood. 

Design: The Huntington combines all the design elements you would ever want in a manly wedding band. It combines the worlds strongest metal that hints of traditional style with the rugged, super-modern wood inlay. The band features titanium polished edges with a strip of wood in the center. This stunning 8mm band was designed to make a statement. 

Price: Whether on sale, or not on sale, the price of this wedding band is a great deal. Especially since it will last you a lifetime. 

Best White Gold Men's Wedding Band


14kt White Gold Raised Center Design Mens Wedding Band From the Classic Collection by Scott Kay

Best White Gold Men's Wedding Band: 14kt White Gold Raised Center Design Mens Wedding Band From the Classic Collection by Scott Kay
94 % Editor Score
92 % User Score

Why People Love it

  • 14-karat white gold
  • Handcrafted
  • Simple and sleek design

This is a handcrafted, designer wedding band made with the strongest 14k white gold. Can you think of anything more simple and perfect? 

White gold isn't the toughest metal. So if you work with your hands a lot, you may want something more durable. 

Material: This 14-karat white gold band is approximately 58 percent pure gold. To create the silvery white color that is white gold, yellow gold is mixed with a combination of zinc, palladium, silver, and nickel. It is also commonly plated with rhodium to enhance the white coloring. Of course, you're probably wondering whether or not you should buy a band that is 100 percent gold or 24-karat. Well, 14-karat is actually stronger and will last you much longer than a 24-karat band. 

Design: This wedding band was designed by the impressive Scott Kay. It has smooth, polished edges with a raised center that adds a nice amount of rugged texture. Engraved inside is, "Scott Kay", so you'll never forget the man that designed your precious band. Or, so you can show off to all of your buddies what a cool wedding band you have. Also, the width of this sleek band is 8mm. 

Price: This band has one of the biggest price tags on our list. But for something that's handmade and symbolizes a lifelong commitment, you deserve to splurge on something you won’t get tired of seeing on your finger.


Best Black Men's Wedding Band


Doyle Black Titanium Ring with Raised Satin Center by Benchmark

Best Black Men's Wedding Band: Doyle Black Titanium Ring with Raised Satin Center by Benchmark
99 % Editor Score
96 % User Score

Why People Love it

  • Feels light as a feather on your finger
  • Edgy and unconventional
  • Tougher than steel

Benchmark's black titanium is not a coating that can be scratched off. Unlike many cheap imitation titanium black wedding bands out there, these bands are black all the way through. 

Aircraft grade titanium can be tough to cut off in case of an emergency. It is also impossible to resize, repair or engrave aircraft grade titanium rings. 

Material: The Doyle Black Titanium wedding band is made from extremely durable, yet lightweight aircraft grade black titanium. Aircraft grade titanium is 90% pure titanium mixed with 6% aluminum and 4% vanadium, even further increasing the natural strength of titanium. Also, this band is completely hypoallergenic, so it's perfectly safe for even the most sensitive skin. 

Design: The sexy design features a raised satin finish center with a step down edge that is polished creating a truly stunning wedding band. Also, it comes with a generous width of 9mm. So, if you love the wider look, you'll love the way this ring looks on your finger. The color is jet black all the way through which will definitely make you stand out from your gold and silver-wearing friends. 

Price: Not only is this good looking wedding band one of the toughest around, it's also one of the cheapest. And that feels good too, doesn't it? 


Choosing a wedding band can be tough. After all, it’s something that you’ll–ideally–wear for the rest of your life as a symbol of love and commitment. It should also convey your personality and character, and complement your fashion style. 

We’ll walk you through the factors that you need to take into account to make your search for the perfect wedding band less complicated. 


Classic – A plain, conventional wedding band. It has no stones, engravings, accessories, or other embellishments. These rings have a sleek, timeless design which makes them one of the most popular style options. 

Carved – This is a contemporary spin on the classic style. With their beveled construction, sculpted edges, patterned inlays, and textured finishes, these rings are heftier and more masculine than the classic contoured trim. 

Diamond – The most extravagant option, diamond bands may have one diamond or a row of diamonds, and even multiple diamonds set throughout the ring.  


A profile refers to a wedding ring’s shape when viewed cross-sectioned. Having the perfect ring profile for your finger guarantees optimum comfort and satisfaction. There are numerous ring profiles available but we narrowed it down to the five most popular types for men’s wedding bands. 

Classic Court – Also called a “court ring” or “traditional court ring,” it’s the most common among all ring shapes. It features a rounded exterior and interior which makes for a soft and snug fit. It’s the most preferred profile for matching sets. 

Flat Ring – True to its name, this profile is flat inside on all sides. For some, the flat interior offers a more comfortable fit around the fingers, with a bulky look and a robust, hefty feel. However, it isn’t a practical choice if you have a hands-on, active lifestyle or profession because it’s extremely prone to snagging on clothing or machinery. 

D-Shaped Ring – Named for its flat interior and domed exterior, it’s perfect for those who love the traditional form of the classic court and the accurate fit of the flat ring. Because of its streamlined design and rounded outer surface, it isn’t inclined to get stuck on fabric and other objects. 

Flat Court – This profile is similar to the flat ring except for its arched inner edge which provides a pleasant fit. It has the appearance of a flat profile when worn. Less chunky and slimmer than classic court and flat rings, it’s easy to wear and ideal for men who aren’t used to wearing rings. 

Flat Sided Court – It has a rounded interior and exterior much like a classic court, but with flat sides and a less curved silhouette. It typically weighs a little more than a conventional court. While this profile may appear deep-seated on the finger, it actually presents a very comfy fit. 


A wedding band has to fit perfectly. If the ring is just a tad too wide, it can easily slip right off with minimal activity. A ring that’s too small can hinder the circulation of blood in your finger.


To accurately find your size, have a professional jeweler measure your ring finger. Most jewelry shops provide this service for free without any obligation to buy.  

Consider the temperature when having your ring finger measured. Your finger size and length can vary significantly based on your body temperature. Warmth will cause your fingers to lengthen while a cold climate will make your fingers swell. The best time to determine your ring finger’s size is when your body temperature is stable. After entering the store, wait a few minutes for your core temperature to stabilize before having your finger measured. 

There are online jewelers that ship ring sizers for free. It may not be as accurate as an expert jeweler’s measurement but at least you’ll have a takeoff point to get you on your ring-shopping way. In any case, you can always have the ring resized after purchase. 


Platinum – Thirty percent scarcer than gold, it’s the rarest of all precious metals which makes it very expensive. It’s also sought-after for its hardness, sheen, and durability. A platinum wedding ring is around 95 to 98 percent pure. It’s extremely dense, but not too solid or inflexible for engraving and resizing. It yields a constant white brilliance with a dazzling glow. If you’re looking to make a grand statement, a platinum ring is the way to go.   

Palladium – A part of the platinum family of metals and a relatively new trend in men’s wedding band materials. Though slightly softer than platinum, it’s still exceptionally resilient and durable. It gives off an elegant, dark grey sheen that doesn’t tarnish and will never require re-plating. Like platinum, it’s hypoallergenic and has anti-corrosive properties. It’s a wise choice if you want most of the qualities of platinum in a lighter, less costly metal. 

White Gold – It uses pure gold alloyed with other white metals like silver, nickel, or palladium to generate a radiant polish similar to platinum. Its blend of metals makes it more robust than yellow gold. It’s often plated with rhodium to give it a white, silvery glow. White metals are excellent backdrops for diamonds and other gemstones. The addition of rhodium also protects the white gold and furnishes the ring with hypoallergenic attributes. The rhodium coating wears away over time and you may need to have it re-plated every few years to maintain its ivory-white luster. There are jewelers that offer free lifetime re-plating. If you prefer, you can choose to have a white gold wedding band without rhodium plating, which radiates with a distinct gold and silver sparkle.  

Yellow Gold – The most traditional among all the wedding band metals, its history as a prized mineral dates back thousands of years. Pure gold is too delicate and malleable to make into any kind of jewelry so it’s mixed with zinc and copper to make it stronger. The amount of gold in a ring is measured in karats. The most suitable number of karats for a wedding band are 14k and 18k. Anything higher will be too soft for daily wear. Gold is resistant to tarnishing and corrosion. It’s also lightweight and easy to resize or engrave. On the other hand, among all the precious metals, yellow gold is the most likely to dent, scratch, and misshape. Its rarity also makes it one of the most expensive. 

Rose Gold – Also known as pink gold or red gold, it gets its exquisite hue from a composition of yellow gold and copper. The presence of copper makes it the strongest among the gold alloys. Like yellow gold, the color vibrance and hardness will differ depending on which karat you choose. It’s slowly gaining popularity among men for its one-of-a-kind color, sophistication, and durability. Because it’s not as common as yellow or white gold, design options are somewhat limited. It needs regular polishing to preserve its shimmer.  

Silver – Along with gold, it’s the oldest metal for crafting jewelry. It’s the most common precious metal so it’s easier to obtain and less costly to purchase. It does tarnish and scratch easily so if you choose to go with a silver wedding band, make sure to have it plated with rhodium. 

Tungsten – Made from an alloy of tungsten and carbon, this modern metal is exceedingly hard and scratch-resistant. It’s also non-reactive; it won’t cause allergies or discolor your skin. It comes in an array of colors such as black, white, and grey, and can be plated in vivid colors like green and purple. The downside to its hardness is, it’s difficult to work with. Engraving and resizing tungsten rings are next to impossible. 

Titanium – Lightweight, dense, and highly durable, this metal is very versatile and can be shaped into a variety of styles. It doesn’t tarnish or scratch easily. It also won’t bring about any allergic reactions. Despite its dark grey color, it offers a stunning polish that’s similar to platinum or palladium.  

Cobalt – In appearance, it can be easily mistaken for platinum. It has the same lustrous vitality and premium look at a fraction of a platinum ring’s cost. It’s scratch and tarnish-resistant, and doesn’t need re-plating to maintain its color and brightness. It has more design and style options than most modern metals. Black cobalt rings are also in high demand. 

Meteorite – Yes, you can actually purchase a wedding band made from a space rock. The wow factor is absolutely out of this world. It has etchings and patterns that are both compelling and beautiful. While it’s undeniably cool and unique, its high iron content may cause it to rust over time. It demands special care and a strict maintenance routine to preserve its brilliance. 

Zirconium – It’s dense, tough, and resistant to corrosion. In its natural form, zirconium is grey-white with a clear, silvery shimmer. Black zirconium wedding bands are currently in fashion among men and women. Whichever you choose, zirconium is a fine option if you’re looking for something more modern and out of the ordinary. 

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