6 Best Men's Wedding Bands

6 Best Men's Wedding Bands

Tying the knot? If so, that probably means you're on the hunt for a wedding band. And, you probably want one that is just as cool as you are. But perhaps a plain gold band just doesn't suit you. Well the good news is, the days of simple wedding bands are over.

Rocking an unconventional and unique wedding band is a hot new trend that's gaining a lot of buzz-worthy attention, especially among celebrities. Even Jason Aldean decided to switch it up and go for a wedding band engraved with baseball stiching.

For decades, women have been able to bling their rings. Now, men are loving getting the chance to customize their bands to reflect their personal style. However, assuming you're not a regular jewelry-wearer (let's be honest, most guys aren't), finding a ring you will wear for decades can be tough.

The good news is:

To help narrow your selection, we've created a list of the best men's wedding bands on the planet. We spent hours researching and talking to guys just like yourself to find the coolest and toughest bands out there. Trust us, the ones that made our list are so sexy, you won't want to take them off. 

You may be wondering: how did we determine the best of the best? 

For a start, we wanted to present a range of wedding bands because not all men have the same style. We also had to account for the materials used and the design. Within each category, we wanted to know how durable the bands were - and what men really appreciated about each one. 

For every wedding band, we considered the material, design, and price. Keep in mind, your wedding band should reflect your personal style. So, even if you aren't a fan of our number one pick, our list is sure to have something you'll love. Now, onto our list.