10 Best Men's Athletic Underwear for Running & Sports

10 Best Men's Athletic Underwear for Running & Sports


After 23 hours of research evaluating 112 products, we picked Adidas Men's Sport Performance Athletic Boxer Brief Underwear as our top choice.

Do you have a pair of running underwear? We didn't think so.

According to a study done by the Medicine and Science in Sports and exercise Journal, positive mood changes have been said to occur with running or any active sport performed regularly. However, not picking the best athletic underwear can seriously affect your routine. 

Should you look at moisture wicking underwear, spandex, or are there other options for the best underwear for running and active sports?

Here's what we mean:

Long runs can cause irritation and chafing. It only takes one run in cotton underwear to know what we're talking about. 

A good pair of running underwear can make all the difference.

There is no reason to suffer during your regular workout or sports routine. And, now's the time to invest in a good, supportive pair of compression athletic underwear to hold everything in place during your next run!

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