7 Best Mens Socks

7 Best Mens Socks


After 12 hours of research evaluating 120 products, we picked Gold Toe Men's Big & Tall Cotton Cushion Crew Socks as our top choice.

Socks are the item of clothing we ALL take for granted! We've been wearing them since before we can remember, and we use them without really thinking about why they're so important.

So why do socks matter?

Socks provide padding and cushioning for your feet, protect your skin from friction, absorb some of the impact on your ankles and feet, reduce soreness, prevent blisters and calluses, protect you from the cold, reduce moisture, and fight foot fungal and bacterial infections. Simply put, socks are one of the most important articles of clothing!

Who knew?

You can find decent socks in any supermarket or department store, but why settle for less than the very best socks for men?

We've done the research to find the best mens socks and even took it a step further to categorize each pair to help you easily find the socks which will best suit your needs (athletic, business use, casual, comfort, etc.).

Check out our list of the best socks for men to keep you warm, comfortable, and protected in your shoes:

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