7 Best Mens Sandals

7 Best Mens Sandals

Sandals are those all-purpose shoes you HAVE to own. They're perfect for use around the house, they're your best friend at the beach or by the lake, and they're the ideal feet-saver if you travel often. After hours with your feet trapped in shoes and socks, there's nothing more wonderful than walking around in a pair of sandals.

But finding the right pair of mens sandals is easier said than done. There are dozens of brands and thousands of different shoes to choose from. You can go with slide sandals, slip-ons, or strap sandals. Heck, there are even gladiator sandals for those men who like to show off a bit!

Below, we've compiled a list of the best mens sandals for you, ranked according to quality, purpose, durability, and use. After exhausting research, we're 100% certain the Teva Terra Fi Lite Sandals are the best-rated mens sandals on the market. They're just the right blend of lightweight, durable, comfortable, and all-purpose. Plus, they're beautifully priced! 

Not a fan? You'll find all the options below are truly the best for both your feet and your wallet…

Disclaimer: We've simply REFUSED to add Crocs to this list. You still have something to live for!