8 Best Hair Gels for Men

8 Best Hair Gels for Men

After 32 hours of research evaluating 62 products, we picked American Crew Firm Hold Gel as our top choice.

There's been lots of innovation on the hair gel side of men's styling products in the past couple of years. Because of these improvements, we at Faveable went on a pursuit to find the best hair gel for men on the planet.

There are a few reasons for these changes. For a start, hair gels have gotten a bad rap in terms of the crunchy hold they provide. As a result, you're less likely to find super stiff and super greasy, or wet, looking products.

How do you know you need a gel? 

Recent changes have made hair gel more hip and functional for their specific purpose, serious holds and sculptured looks.

If you're on other ends of the spectrum, you should check out our guides on the best men's hair creams, pomades, and waxes. There are so many different types of products on the market that you should never have to settle for one that's not suited to your hair type. 


Whether you are trying to increase more volume for thinning hair or experiment with a new style like the faux-hawk, our list includes a gel for you.

Every type of grooming product is different. There are hair waxes that do wonders for dishevelled, natural looks, and there are pastes that can be worked and reworked throughout the day. Our picks include the best hair gel for the particular goals you are trying to achieve.

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So, without further ado...