5 Best Men's Engagement Rings

5 Best Men's Engagement Rings

Why should women get all the bling in a relationship? Men’s engagement rings, or recently coined "mangagement" rings, are a hot new trend that is gaining a lot of ground even with celebrities. Men are proudly sporting sleek and sexy jewelry to show their commitment to say “I do.”

So, if you have never heard of men wearing engagement rings it is time to get in the loop.

You might be wondering:

Why should men wear engagement rings? 

Today, it’s just the norm for a man to propose with a sparkling diamond ring; the bigger the better. And the more we progress in mutual partnership when it comes to money, parenting, and household responsibilities in marriage, the desire to wear a visible symbol of engagement is very quickly becoming a mutual desire as well. As men and women are shifting gender norms in marriage, more and more men want to proudly display a little bling of their own before the big day.


Despite the growing popularity of the mangagement ring, there is a lot of mystery and confusion about what the perfect piece of jewelry should be. Well if you're at all interested in learning more about this trend but unsure of where to start, Faveable has got you covered! We searched for hours and hours to find the absolute best men’s engagement rings on the planet.

How did we determine the best of the best? There were three important factors that came into play to choose each top pick on this list: Materials, Design and Price.

Our top pick brings all of these elements together and is our go-to recommendation for a men's engagement ring. It is a fusion of sexy class, modern edge, and masculine style that any man would be proud to wear. Keep reading to find the perfect fit for you!