5 Best Men's Boxers

5 Best Men's Boxers

Did you know that Jacob Golomb, the founder of Everlast, is credited with the creation of men’s boxers? The year was 1925 and he was determined to find a practical alternative to the leather-belted shorts that fighters wore in the ring. He still wanted shorts to provide mobility in the legs, but wanted something a bit more flexible for cinching them around the abdomen. His solution? To replace the leather band with an elastic waistband.

While men’s boxers didn’t catch on as a new underwear trend right away, they did grow in popularity after the end of World War II. Over time, the popularity in boxers has wavered a bit as different events in pop culture have brought briefs and boxer briefs to the forefront of our attention (think of Marky Mark’s Calvin Klein ads). However, in 2016, a survey conducted by the Huffington Post and AskMen showed that 18% of men still prefer to wear boxer shorts.


Although we have already done a comprehensive analysis on men’s underwear (including both briefs and shorts), it's kind of like comparing apples and oranges. Sure, they both stem from the same source, but they serve different purposes, body types, styles, and activities. So in our research we chose to focus on identifying the most high-quality and versatile boxer shorts on the market for the 18% of you who prefer them.

When it comes to the boxer short, men who wear these are typically looking for something more relaxed and with greater breathability. However, that’s not to say that all boxers need to be super baggy and unflattering pieces of cotton that bunch up underneath your clothes—athletic, professional, or otherwise.

Marshal Cohen, chief industry analyst of The NPD Group, had this to say about modern underwear trends: “With smarter fabrics and more clever technology, the underwear market is evolving.” 

So here’s the deal:

Like with all the other product research we conduct here at Faveable, it’s important for us to find products that will not only give you the biggest bang for your buck, but that also help satisfy all your needs. When it comes to our top men's boxer picks, we considered overall comfort, special features like "smart" fabrics and temperature control, as well as price.

What’s the bottom line?

Whether you’re looking to switch up your current brand or style of underwear, or you’re just curious about what’s going on in the world of boxers right now, you’ll want to check out this list of the best men’s boxer shorts.